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11. Sloth in Brazil

Sloth selfie in Planeta Terra, Brazil.

wildlife experience

Photo by: @suethrj

12. Camels in Sahara, Morocco

“A perfectly timed camel photobomb”

wildlife experience

Photo by: @lifeonpine


13. Horseriding on Otres Beach, Cambodia

Otres Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Most people go to Sihanoukville for the party scene. Instead we b-lined for the Otres Beach area for a more relaxing, less developed area. Read more about it here


Photo by: @thetwoitinerants

Photo by: @thetwoitinerants

Photo by: @thetwoitinerants

14.  Grasshoppers in  Tikal National Park, Guatemala

“Is this thing huge, or what!?”

Wildlife experience

Photo by: @rucksackrausch


15. The orangutans of Bukit Lawang, Sumatra

“Such an great conversation!”

wildlife experience

Photo by: @sverrin

16. Penguins in Antartica

Antarctica, specifically the Antarctic Peninsula, is the 800 mile long arm of the white continent that stretches to within 620 miles of Tierra del Fuego in Southern Argentina/Chile. Read all about the penguins in Antartica here


Picture by: @a.great_adventure

Picture by: @a.great_adventure

Picture by: @a.great_adventure

17. Baby turtles in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

“Baby turtles reaching the ocean for the first time”

wildlifevideo3 kopi

Photo by: @adventuresofv


18. Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

“A group of backpackers and I hired a car and drove around the big island of Hawaii for a week. This day, we went for a morning snorkel at two step beach… As we arrived we noticed some dolphin fins popping up out the back, we kicked off our clothes, ran to the water putting on our gear and got out the back to find too many dolphins to count and no one else was out there- Just us and these beautiful creatures that came so close we could touch them. A moment I’ll never forget!


Photo by: @Thaalz_


19. Water buffalos at Selong Belanak, Indonesia

“The whole crew at the Beach. ‘Jump picture’ next 

wildlife experience

Photo by: @dellapermana

20. Turtle snorkling on Apo Island, Philippines

“Turtle diving. Remember to keep your distance and don’t touch the underwater world”


Photo by: @leonardomedici

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