White Sand Dunes, Mui Ne – Vietnam

The white sand dunes is located about 24 km northeast from Mui Ne in Vietnam. The sand dunes Mui Ne is a must for backpackers travelling through Vietnam.

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Getting to the White Sand Dunes Mui Ne

It is possible to book a day tour in every booking office, which include seeing both the white and the red sand dunes as well as other beautiful places near Mui Ne. But it is also possible to take a taxi direct to the white sand dunes, if it is the only place you want to see.

Sand Dunes Mui Ne


We payed 70.000 dong, which is around 3 dollars, for a 5 hour trip included The Fairy Stream, Fishing Village, The red sand dunes and The white sand dunes. But the price depends on where you book it.

Where to stay

There are plenty of hotels/hostels near Mui Ne to stay at, which are all located close to the long beach. If you want to, you can stay in a tent directly on the beach, but it is also possible to stay at one of the bigger hotels/hostels with big pool areas.


How much time will you need there

You only need half an hour to see it, but it is possible to book an ATV cruise or a jeep to drive you around in the sand dunes, so you can easily use more time there having fun, if you want too.

When is the best time to go

If you can get up really early in the morning (like 4 AM), it is possible to see the beautiful sunrise over The white sand dunes, and it is probably the best time to go there. But it is still really beautiful in the daytime.

Sand Dunes Mui Ne

What should I do there

If you want to do it cheap, you can just walk to the top of the sand dunes, where you get a beautiful view over the sand dunes and a big lake next to it (really beautiful places to take pictures). But if you are willing to pay more, you can go for a jeep or an ATV cruise.

Why should the White Sand Dunes Mui Ne be on my Bucket List ?

Because it is a really beautiful place and you should definitely go there to see the sunrise, for a really unique experience.

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