Wave Rock – Western Australia

Wave Rock is located in Western Australia, about 400km south of Perth. It is more than 2700 million years old and has a cultural significance to the Ballardong people as they respected it as an cultural learning.

Wave rock is 15 metres high, 110 metres long and shaped like a huge wave.

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How to get to Wave Rock

The best way to get there is by car as it is not close to the a city center. It is a 4-5 hour drive from Perth. The closest city is Hayden.

Wave Rock Price

If you take your own car it is about $10 per car as a entrance fee. You can also book tours in Perth for about $200 AUS Dollar.

Wave Rock

Wave Rock

How much time do you need there

You only need a day there at maximum. You can visit Wave Rock, do a little hike/walk to see the dry area and take some pictures. If you havent been to the Outback, the trip by bus/car to get there is also interesting as you see all those wide open dry areas.

You can go there anytime, it is not as popular because it is not near the cost and that makes it so special. you wont see as many tourists and can walk around, take pictures all in private.. maybe it is better to go in a colder time of the year as it can get very hot there.

Why should Wave Rock be on my bucket list ?

It should be on your bucket list cause it will amaze you. I have never seen a place like that as the big stone formation is very unique. Even the Aborigines knew the place and called it “The big wave “.

It is very realxing, just a calm place with no need to rush, as it is not that crowded. We used our day there to enjoy life, the heat and the hike. Also as many people travel Australia, but dont visit the wave rock it will be extra special.

It was quite a detour for us be we didnt regret it a bit. There are many stones, lakes, and ways to hike around wave rock. also it is relly special to see the open wide landscape. Everything is very dry compared to the cost ways.

We loved it and would go there any time again.

Wave Rock

Wave Rock




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