Wally’s Cave – Cape Town, South Africa

Wally’s Cave is a hidden cave on Lions Head in Cape Town, South Africa. You can access Wally’s Cave by a discrete path off the main path or a more direct path once you’ve reached the top of the mountain.

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How to get to Wally’s Cave

You can get to Wally’s Cave by climbing Lions Head. It’s difficult to find so don’t expect it to be an easy destination. However once found has beautiful views over camps bay.

The best way to reach Wally’s Cave is to use the direct path you’ve reached the top of the mountain.

There is no price to walk up lions head. It’s a known tourist climb that takes about an hour to climb up. I highly recommend for sunrise then it’ll be easier to explore the mountain and find Wally’s Cave.

Wally's Cave

When to visit Wally’s Cave

I went during the winter months which was not bad. Cooler weather and  less people, however I would recommend summer when it’ less rain and more blue skies.

Where to stay

Anywhere in Cape Town is fantastic. If you want to be closer to the mountains such as table mountain kloof street area is best. However places like sea point camps bay are all fabulous. You can’t go wrong in that city.

What to do there

I recommend climbing the Lion’s Head, Table Mountain,  Signal Hill and Devil’s Peak – all amazing views and a good workout.

As for food you can’t go wrong everything in capetown is delicious – but if you want a true authentic African meal I recommend golds restaurant or mama Africa – definitely go to the winelands Stellenbosch only 45 mins outside of Cape Town.

Do not take the taxis in Cape Town. They have uber everywhere. Everything is relatively cheap the conversion is great for the USD.

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Why should Wally’s Cave be on my bucket list ?

I have traveled all over the world and there’s no other place quite like Cape Town. The food the atmosphere the people. There is nothing to not love about it. I recommend it being high on everyone’s list – you won’t be disappointed

Wally's Cave




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