Ubud Swing – Bali

The Ubud Swing is located a 20 minutes drive from Ubud.

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How to get to the Ubud swing

Google map Bali Swing when you’re in Ubud and it’s on there. We directed our driver. There are big signs on the road leading up to it.

Ubud swing price

$20 US dollars

Ubud Swing

Where to stay

You should stay anywhere in Ubud.


How much time will you need at the Ubud swing

They give you 30 minutes on the swing which is a lot of time.

Best time to visit

There’s no “best time” to go but I went towards sunset for better lighting. There were only a few other people there so I didn’t have to wait long.

Ubud jungle swing tips

They market the Ubud Swing like an extreme sport. They also do river rafting. If you swing at the highest level they make you wear a safety harness that’s not cute for photos. In my opinion, they should market it to the instagram crowd who wants a cute photo on a jungle swing.

My friend and I discovered that if you swing at the lower level, you don’t have to wear the huge harness but a tiny rope that you barely see. The key is to get a photo with your back facing the camera and one facing the camera. They let you switch sides. For girls, wear a flowly dress in a color that stands out like red, pink, orange, yellow, white.

If you wear blue or green you’re blend into the trees. Also, point your toes. Trust me, it makes a huge difference.

Ubud Swing

Why should the Ubud swing be on my bucket list ?

It should be on your bucket list because when do you get to go on a swing in a jungle? It’s actually an exhilarating ride. You feel like you’re flying.




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