Top 10 #Backpackerstory – Week 1

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10. Fitzroy Island, Australia – By: travelfreemindnow
Week 1
Hanging with the local baby sea turtle
9. Chiang Mai, Thailand – By: lostitalianos
Week 1
New year’s eve in Chiang mai was magical, it was our first time with the lanterns and we managed to not kill anyone, so that is good! Also see: Loy Krathong (Lantern Festival), Chiang Mai
8. Idaho, USA – By: travelingspud
Week 1
Last night @johnpdub and I ventured down to the natural hot springs in the middle of the wilderness and got to see the sun set along the river. It’s thing like this that make me fall in love with Idaho all over again.


7. Nusa Penida, Indonesia – By: thefoxandvixen
Week 1
Kelingking Secret Point looking over kelingking beach, on Nusa Penida, an island off of Bali Indonesia. Read guide: Kelingking Secret Point – Nusa Penida, Indonesia
6. Antartica – By: trisrowcliffe

week 1

week 1
Some say the breathtaking landscape of the Antarctic is best explored by kayak. And navigating around icebergs and sea ice is a pretty awesome way to spend the morning. Personally, I have to agree! Also see: Explore Antartica on a Budget
5. Unatawuna, Sri Lanka – By: tavernatravels
week 1
The swing is at a small beach called Dalawella Beach near Unatawuna Sri Lanka and is infront of a family run hotel called Pearlys Dream Cabana. Read Guide: Dalawella Beach Swing – Unatawuna, Sri Lanka

4. Trang An, Vietnam – By: campbellryan
week 1
We enjoyed two separate visits to Ninh Binh Province. Once as a day trip from Hanoi to Tam Coc, and the other a 3 day chill over New Years at the amazing Lotus Field Homestay. During our second visit we explored Trang An and the Landcape Complex. Wow! Just amazing. Read Guide: Ninh Binh, Vietnam
3. Koh Kood Island, Thailand – By: deborah_appuntidiviaggio
Week 1
Crystal clear water surrounding Koh Kood
2. Campuhan Ridge Walk, Bali – By: micaelashalane
Week 1
Campuhan Ridge Walk is located just outside central Ubud, Bali. The Campuhan Ridge Walk is one the most popular sunrise and sunset locations in Bali. Read Guide: Campuhan Ridge Walk
1. Big Island, Hawaii – By:
Week 1
Figured the perfect picture for the new year is one of new earth being made. So cool to watch lava turn into rock with!! New earth, new year, new beginnings! Read Guide: Lava Flows – Big Island, Hawaii 

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