Tiu Kelep Waterfall – Lombok

Tiu Kelep waterfall is in Sebaru, north Lombok, Indonesia very near to the base of Mount Rinjani.

Tui KelepBy: tea_for_taryn 

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How to get to Tiu Kelep

Get to Sebaru in north Lombok. Tui Kelpet waterfall is only a 10 minute walk from the entrance.

Myself and my boyfriend flew into Lombok Bandar Udara International airport and then took a pretty long taxi ride (3 and a half hours) to our accommodation in Sebaru.

Tiu kelep

Tiu Kelep Price

The price to enter the national park where the 2 waterfalls (Sedang Gile and Tiu Kelep) are situated was unbelievably cheap -10 000IDR (less than 1 dollar!).

We were fortunate enough to stay very close to this waterfall and didn’t spend any money on a taxi as it was a 10 minute walk to the entrance from our accommodation. The walk to both waterfalls is extremely easy and you definitely do not need a guide unless you.

Where to stay

I’d definitely recommend staying as close as possible to this waterfall as ideally you’d want to get there early to avoid the crowds.

We stayed at a wonderful bungalow called, Pondok Guru Bakti. It had gorgeous views of the mountains, wifi, a tasty and affordable banana pancake breakfast and a lovely sun terrace to read on.

Tiu kelepTiu kelep

How much time do you need at Tiu Kelep

We spent a few hours taking in the view, swimming, snapping pictures and standing awe-struck with our mouths wide open at the sheer size and beauty of it all.

When is the best time to go

Early mornings are best as crowds and tour groups tend to flock there around 10am. Go as early as possible to have the magnificent, cascading water all to yourself.

What to do there

Mount. Rinjani is obviously a huge factor in pulling the tourists towards the beautiful city of Lombok. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the trek to the top during my stay in Lombok as it has recently erupted and access was limited and forbidden. However, the general consensus from our tourists and friends who have completed the hike, is that it is truly a magical experience.

Something else to try in Lombok is a delicious soy-bean vegetarian snack called ‘tempeh’. They deep fry it in Indonesia and serve it with varied dipping sauces. It has a mild nutty flavor and shouldn’t be missed.

Tiu kelep

Why should Tiu Kelep be on my bucket list?

Tiu Kelep is by far the best waterfall I have ever seen. I had very high expectations after seeing videos and photographs of both waterfalls before arriving, and the reality of the thundering water crashing to the jungle floor still completely blew my mind.

Wake up early. Gobble down banana pancakes. Grab a blow-up doughnut. Head off into the unknown. Strip down and thank the powers that be for cascading water and the colour green.

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