The swimming pigs of Exuma, Bahamas

The Swimming Pigs are located on Major Cay island of Exuma, Bahamas.

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Getting to The Swimming Pigs

There are several companies that provide full and half day guided tours to The Swimming Pigs by boat. Getting there was one of my biggest challenges because I was staying on a different island of the Bahamas. I had to take a plane to get on a shuttle bus to get on a boat that would take me to the pigs! #worthit


Swimming Pigs


I priced out a few different tours to get to the swimming pigs once in the Exumas. Half days ranged between $150-$200 and full day tours from $300+. Different companies offered various perks with their tours including food and drink. Currency: Bahamian dollar; which is equivalent to US dollars.


Where to stay

Georgetown and Staniel Cay are quaint and closer towns to stay near the Swimming Pigs in Exuma. I happened to be traveling with work and was put up in a nice resort in a big city, Nassau.

How much time do you need with the Swimming Pigs

Because I was pressed for time, I was forced to take a half day tour for just a few hours. However, I would highly recommend setting a whole day aside for the pig excursion. There are other “attractions” and sites to see on a full day tour that I consider worthwhile! (Starfish Bay, Shark Bay, the Grotto, etc.)

Swimming Pigs

When is the best time to go?
As far as I know, you can visit Pig Island year round! Since the excursion was aired on an episode of The Bachelor, it has definitely become more touristy and I think it’s unavoidable! But, as long as you make a reservation, you will have plenty of interaction with the Pigs on your guided tour.


What to do:

Enjoy your time! I think the excursion is pretty self explanatory- swim with the pigs! Feed them ( so they follow you, if you’re into that sort of thing!) Take pictures! Bask in the sun!

What not to do

This is a water based activity so don’t let your electronics get wet! Take care and use waterproof precautions!

Why should the swimming pigs be on my bucket list?

The perfect wildlife experience. Interacting with friendly, wild pigs is an experience unique to the Bahamas! Don’t miss your chance while you’re out there. There are cute little piglets that you’ll want to squeeze to death and huge mama and papa pigs that are a little startling at times; but it’s hilarious and a whole lot of fun.





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