Sendang Gile Waterfall – Lombok, Indonesia

Sendang Gile Waterfall is located just north of Rinjani volcano, In the north region of the island of Lombok in Indonesia.

Sendang Gile WaterfallBy: @philharris_

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How to get to Sendang Gile Waterfall

There are multiple ways in which to get there. The most common being either taxi or scooter/motor bike depending on your level of confidence on the vehicle (not all the roads are well maintained and steep hills).

I went with a friend and we booked a package from one of the Gili islands. The package included pick up from place of stay (or harbour or anywhere your be at that time) private car to the waterfall area, 3-4 hours waiting and then dropped back to your respective destination, prices will differ from agent to agent and from place of pickup and drop off.

Sendang Gile Waterfall Sendang Gile Waterfall

Price, Information and Tips

The first waterfall itself is relatively easy to get to, its around a 15 minute walk from the entrance which is in an area called Senaru. So when you arrive to the entrance there is a 10,000 IDR fee which works out $1 (well worth it).

One tip, there will be a lot of locals there willing to exchange their knowledge and guidance for a fee, personally I didn’t use a guide.

The routes are clearly marked and the foot paths well structured, the first waterfall you will come across is called Tiu Kelep which is very easy to access for all ages and abilities. The waterfall itself is beautiful, when I went the natural light complimented the crystal clear complexion and shear natural beauty surrounding so well. Being a keen travel photographer I was in my element.

On the way to the second waterfall (30-45 minutes from the first) Sendang Gile you do have to wade through ankle to knee deep rivers which can be slippery but there are always local kids there ready to help you along the way (In the hope for some extra money).

Once making it to Sendang Gile it is well worth the small trek through the jungle and rivers, I can only describe it as the big brother of Tiu Kelep. Once you start walking towards the crystal clean waters at the bottom of the fall, you will be showered in the spray from the vast amount of water racing down.

Just enjoy the beauty of nature, have a swim, get some amazing photos. (I personally would advise taking swim shorts and a wet bag for electronics). After knowing this information if you still desire a guide do not pay more then 60,000 IDR ($5) per group not per person.

Sendang Gile Waterfall

When to visit Sendang Gile Waterfall

I would recommend leaving early in the morning around 7-9 depending on where you are located. (In my opinion I always find tourist spots are best earlier rather than later, we arrived around 10am in May and overall it was far from busy), I would allow a whole day for the waterfall trip.

You will spend around 4 hours in the jungle and between 1-3 hours for transport (might be easier to stay at a village close by for the previous evening).

Tip: Don’t panic about stocking up on food and drinks, it generally gets to heavy to carry anyway. There will be cheap snacks and drinks sold upon route by locals.

Why should Sendang Gile Waterfall be on my bucket list ?

Overall I would highly recommend Sendang Gile waterfall, I have been to many waterfalls in Lombok and this one takes the cake! It’s shear power and size is to be marvelled at and I would kick myself if I had missed the opportunity to see it.

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