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Many people my age struggle to save money for travelling or holidays, and most say “I wish I could afford to go travelling”. You can make it happen, even with a part time job or minimum wage. If you set a goal, give yourself enough time, and make some sacrifices.
If you want it enough, you’ll sacrifice. Simple.

This is mainly female focussed, but males can also relate to some of these too!

Make your own lunches instead of buying them

Spending £3-5 a day on meal deals adds up. if you work 5 days a week thats £60-100 each month you’re spending on lunch. Making your own meals can be super quick, will save you money, and will probably be healthier too.

Sell old clothes

Sort through your wardrobe and find things that are worth selling that you don’t wear or don’t fit in anymore. You might not think selling a top for £5 is worth it, but sell 10 tops and that could pay for 5 nights in a hostel.

Save coins in a jar

This is probably the oldest trick in the book for saving. We all find coins building up in our purses/wallets/pockets. Keep them all in one place and after a few weeks/months count it up. You might be surprised how much builds up.

Stop buying expensive brands

For some women this might be painful to do, but before you step towards that MAC counter or pick up those £100 shoes, think what you could get for that money. Switch to less expensive makeup brands, perfumes, or clothes labels and you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

Switch the salon for a home nail kit

If you get your nails done in a salon you’ll soon realise how much money you seem to spend every month. Get yourself a gel/shellac nail kit and save yourself a fortune. I went from spending around £40 a month, to buying getting a kit at christmas (around £30) and i’ve not paid a penny since.

Alternatives to expensive days/nights out

Instead of drinking expensive cocktails, buy a spirit and mixer for half the price. Or even cheaper, make your own cocktails at home with friends and have a night in.
Find free things to do in the day. Instead of going shopping and for meals, go to a friend’s house, go to the beach, or go for a walk.

Save on parking

If like me you work in a city, parking can really take its tole on your bank account. Try getting there early, find a side street or housing estate that allows you to park for free. Even if it means you have to walk 10/15 minutes into the centre. This can save you around £100-200 a month.

Home workouts/runs instead of gym

Ok I can admit I could never do this, but gym memberships can be expensive. Find alternatives to keep fit like running/home workouts.

Get into a habit of putting money into savings straight away

Before each payday (whether its every month or weekly etc) calculate how much you’ll receive, what you NEED to spend money on (bills etc), and look at how much you have spare. Keep a fraction of this for socialising, and the rest for your savings.

If you are careful with your money you won’t run out of money and you will get into a routine of always having a specific amount spare.

After a while you won’t even notice not having the money that you put into your savings as you go without it every month.

Switch your bank account

Some bank accounts offer rewards for switching your current/savings account to them. These can occasionally be money incentives (e.g. £150 free if you switch to Halifax). Do your research and it will be worth it.

Make the most of discount/loyalty cards

I am guilty of having a purse full of reward cards. Whether this is restaurants or high street shops, you can save yourself a few bob by using those points on things you were going to buy anyway.


-Money won’t just appear. You have to work for it
– Be realistic. Depending on your salary, amount of time you have to save, your lifestyle and how many sacrifices you make will all affect the saving “process”
– Don’t worry too much about money! Make sure you’re still living your life and seeing your friends/family.

Do you have any other tips for saving money for travelling? Comment below!




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