Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa Vietnam; Sapa is in the north of Vietnam, not far away from the border to China.

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Getting to Sapa Vietnam – Hanoi to Sapa

The best option is the 6 hour over night bus from Hanoi ( departure 10pm ). Another possibility is to take a 9 hour over night train from Hanoi to Lao Cai and then another 1 hour ride by minibus or taxi to Sapa.

Sapa Vietnam

Sapa Vietnam

Sapa Vietnam Price

The bus from Hanoi to Sapa is 8$ and you get a decent accommodation from 5 – 8$ per person. The restaurants are a little bit more expensive then usually in Vietnam. For some of the mountain villages you have to pay a small entrance fee.

The way to CatCat is taxed at 40,000 dong, while the way to Ban Ho & Lao Chai villages are taxed 40,000 dong in one ticket. The way to Ta Phin village is taxed at 20,000 dong as well.

Where to stay in Sapa Vietnam

There are two options. 1) You can stay in the city of Sapa which offers a lot of restaurants and accommodation for every budget.

2) You choose one of the many homestays in the mountain villages around Sapa, where you live together with the hill tribe.


How much time will you need in Sapa

You should plan definitely 3 to 4 days to stay at this stunning area. There are a lot of things to do and explore around Sapa.

Sapa Vietnam

When is the best time to visit Sapa Vietnam

From November to April is winter time but also dry season, be prepared the temperature can fall to 5 degrees at night. Mai to October is summer time and all the rice terraces are full of lush green. June and July seems to be ta good time, even if it is rainy season, everything is green and it is pleasant warm.

What to do in Sapa Vietnam

Do some hikes around Sapa, you can do it by your own or go with a guide from the hill tribes they know the area and will show you the best secrets of Sapa and their villages. The town is completely walkable but if you want to explore outside of town, it’s best to do it by motorbike. Rent a scooter and drive the highest mountain pass ‘tran ton pass’ (1900m) of Vietnam. At the peak you’ll have an awesome view and it is also the border of two different climate zones. There are also some waterfalls, which you’ll pass by driving the tran tom pass.

Sapa Vietnam


What not to do

The most homestays of the hill tribes are really modern, it means they have hot water, wifi, tv etc. Do not expect to live like they lived ages ago, but there are still a small amount of traditional homestays and these are really worth to experience. Do not waste your money for the cable car ( 33$ ) – except it is a clear heaven. At the most time it is cloudy and arrived there you won’t see anything.

Why should Sapa Vietnam be on my bucket list)

The nature is stunning there, especially the rice terraces. Everybody knows the rice terraces of Bali and yes they are beautiful but compared to Sapa’s rice terraces they are like nothing. It is also one of the last chance to see an ethnic minority in world.

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