Rottnest Island, Australia

Rottnest Island is located on Australias West Coast and about 18km away from Fremantle which is close to Perth.

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How to get to Rottnest Island

It’s an Island, so there are two different ways how to get there. You could take an Air-Taxi which is way more expensive compared to the daily ferry services from Perth to Rottnest Island.

There are two different ferry services the Rottnest Express Ferries which depart fromm Perth, Fremantle and North Fremantle and the Rottnest Fast Ferries which are departing from Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island Price

The Air_taxi is about 83$ per person. The Ferry prices are different depending on what you want. I did the Day Tour Package from Rottnest Express where the ferry and bike hirre was included for 69$.

Where to stay

You can stay directly on Rottnest Island. There are Camp grounds, hostels or hotels. A camp site for two people is about $25-30 and a dorm bed varies between $30-50. 5.

How much time do you need there

Personally I’ve been there for a daytrip which is fine but to explore more of this beautiful island you should stay for one or two nights.

You will have more time to explore the nature, relax at the beach or can go snorkeling. Also if you’re riding a bike around the island you will need many breaks because it’s pretty hilly.

And don’t forget that you will need at least half an hour to take a good selfie with those cute quokkas.

When is the best time to visit Rottnest Island

Take an early ferry there since the island is less crowded then and you will have more time to explore the island. If possible avoind holiday season since it’s a popular holiday destination fort he people from Perth.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

What to do there

Rent a bike and ride along the island. Just stop whenever you think that it’s beautiful. If you have snorkeling gear with you, you can explore the beautiful underwater world.

You definetly should take a selfie with a quokka, they are so cute and you will see them everywhere on the island.

Visit the Barthurst Lighthouse the view from there is amazing and so ist he beach next to it. The salt lakes on the island a also worth a visit.

When it’s whale season you also get to spot some whales.

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What not to do

Do not feed the quokkas with human food, it’s not for them. Also remember that it’s an island and can get pretty windy which will make riding a bike even harder but it’s worth it. Don’t forget you sunscreen and swimmers.

Why should Rottnest Island be on my bucket list?

Rottnest Island is stunning. The water is so clear and blue. There is so much to explre and see. And the most important thing are the quokkas because they are so cute. If you’re in Western Australia don’t miss the chance to go there!

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

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