The holy spring water temple – Pura Tirta Empul, Bali

Pura Tirta Empul is a water temple located in the village of Manukayu. The name of the temple means “holy water spring” in Balinese. This temple is a place where Balinese Hindus go to pray and purificate.

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How to get to Pura Tirta Empul

Pura Tirta Empul is located near Ubud, about 15 km eastwards. Ubud town is the best place to stay in Bali. You can go there by public transportation, scooter or you can rent a car with a driver/guide. We opted for the taxi driver and paid 300.000 Rupiah for the all day.

Pura Tirta Empul

Pura Tirta Empul Price

The entrance fee for the temple is 15.000 Rupiah. As with any Bali temple tour or a visit to a holy place, it is always important to dress respectfully. The simple Balinese temple visitor dress code is a traditional “sarong” wrap around the lower body (they borrow the sarongs at the entrance).

Where to stay

Ubud town. It’s quite a small town but stay close to the mainroad if you don’t rent a scooter.


How much time you need at Pura Tirta Empul 

You will need about one hour to see everything. There is not much to do there other than the temple. A good tip is to visit the temple after spending the morning at the Tegalalang Rice Terrace.


Pura Tirta Empul

When to visit

The best time to go is in the late afternoon for less people. Avoid visiting on sundays because of the crowds.

Why should Pura Tirta Empul be on my bucket list ?

Pura Tirta Empul water temple is one of the most sacred sites in Bali, absolutely beautiful and it’s worth a visit! It was for me one of the highlights of our Bali trip! If you’re planning to go to Tirta Empul I recommend combining it with a visit to Pura Gunung Kawi, which is very beautiful too and is close to Tirta Empul.

Pura Tirta Empul




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