Punthuk Mongkrong, Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Punthuk Mongkrong is a quiet little spot on the top of Menoreh Hill, Yogyakarta (about 20 minutes South of the Borobudur temple).

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How to get to Punthuk Mongkrong

There are no tours that go here, so you’ll have to rely on somebody local, or on trusty google maps, to find it. It’s about an hour’s scooter ride out of Yogyakarta, and then halfway up the hill you’ll have to ditch the scooter and hike to the top.

Punthuk Mongkrong

Punthuk Mongkrong Price

Although Punthuk Mongkrong viewpoint is completely free, renting a scooter will set you back about 50,000 Rp per day (about £3) and paying a local to drive you there will be about the same.

Remember to set aside about 250k Rp if you want to visit the fantastic Borobudur temple on your way back, though.

Where to stay

There are plenty of budget hostels in Yogyakarta (on average £5 a night) and they tend to be in the best locations at the heart of the city – a good one is Hati Hati where all the workers are keen to show you the hidden gems of Yogya.

For travellers with higher budgets there are plenty of boutique hotels to choose from.

How much time do you need there

I recommend no less than 4 days here. There are endless things to do and see – waterfalls you can swim in, jungles treks, tours around volcanoes and the villages they once destroyed, bustling night markets, unique temples… you could easily spend weeks here.

Punthuk Mongkrong

Best time to visit Punthuk Mongkrong

Punthuk Mongkrong is best viewed at either sunrise or sunset, although if you can manage the 3am start, I strongly recommend sunrise as you will probably be the only person there.


  • After viewing Punthuk Mongkrong, you can’t miss out on a visit to the nearby Borobudur Temple – it’s the world’s largest Buddhist temple and is both beautiful and fascinating.
  • Don’t listen to the tour guides who tell you that the best spot to see the sunrise is from the Borobudur temple – it will be packed with people who were told the same thing.
  • Save the temple for later and head up to Punthuk Mongkrong where you are guaranteed a quiet and serene view.

Why should Punthuk Mongkrong be on my bucket list ?

This viewpoint is a wonderfully calm getaway from the hectic city below, and watching the sky fill with colours as the sun rises over the Merapi volcano is truly one of the best sites you can see in Indonesia.

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