Pink Lake – Walvis Bay, Namibia

The Pink Lake is located in Walvis Bay, Namibia. Walvis Bay is about 4 hours drive from Windhoek (where you will probably land).

Make sure to plan a road trip through Namibia, it really is the most scenic trip we have been on so far! We really recommend you to book your car trough Asco Car Hire, they were super helpful and their vehicles are top-notch. See location on google maps

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Pink Lakes / Africa 


We went on our own with a rental car from Windhoek. It is the best way to explore this beautiful country, as public transportation is very scarce and it gives you the opportunity to soak in mesmerizing landscapes.

When you reach the area where the pink lakes are located, you will be offered guided tours options to see flamingos, dolphins and whales in addition to the pink lakes, etc. You can however visit the lakes by yourself, free of charge by driving around as we did.

Walvis Bay


Walvis Bay

Where to stay in

We loved staying at Lagoon Chalets in Walvis Bay, as they have great self-catering amenities and a friendly and welcoming staff.

How much time do you need there

We could have spent the entire day there, but we would recommend planning at least 1 to 2 hours there if you like taking a lot of pictures like us.

If you are eager to do activities, you can also visit Dune 7, just outside of Walvis Bay to watch the sunset after spending a wonderful time at the pink lakes.

When is the best time to go

We were there in January and it was no crowded at all (we’ve seen only 2 people there). No particular season is recommended because it really depends on the daily weather. So make sure it’s a sunny day otherwise the color of the water won’t be as pink as on our pictures.

Walvis Bay

What to do there

Drive around the many pink lakes and go see the flamingos at the far end of the lakes, after the fabric and of course take as much pictures as you can.

When we arrived, a tour guide asked us if we wanted to take a tour. The area is public so you don’t need to pay fees to enter it and you can easily walk between the pink lakes by yourself so we didn’t take the tour.

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Why should it be on my bucket list?

Have you ever seen a pink lake? No? Then do yourself a favor and go check it out!!

Walvis Bay

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