Pink Lake – Port Gregory, Western Australia

The amazing Pink Lake is located in Port Gregory, Western Australia. The Pink Lake is about 70 square kilometers and lying a few meters below sea level.

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How to get to the Pink Lake

The easiest way to get to the pink lake is by car, it’s located 500 kilometers north of Perth, Western Australia. If you don’t have a car, my suggestion is to rent one. It’s the easiest way and you’ll see more breathtaking places around.

If you can’t drive, join a Facebook group like Australia backpackers to find a shared ride, heaps of people are driving up and down the west coast!

Pink Lake

Pink Lake

Pink Lake Price

You can do a science flight from ether Geraldton or Kalbarri. It’s quite pricey and maybe not what you prioritize when you backpack, but it’ll be worth it! It’ll cost you around 250 Australian dollars and you get to see the coastal cliffs as well so it’s a really nice tour!

When to visit the Pink Lake

The best time during the year I’d say is during the Australian summer in December to April. It’s a touristy attraction but it’s never crowded, most people only stay for a picture and then leave. If you really want to avoid tourists, then go in the early morning.

The best light is when the sun is shining from the side and not from above the lake, to see the true colors of the Pink Lake. Depending on what time of day, season and weather, the pink lake shifts color between red, light pink and purple.

Pink Lake

How much time do you need there

I’d say you need a few days in the area but to visit the Pink lake wouldn’t take you longer than an hour. But make sure to stay a few days in Kalbarri. Once you’ve seen the pink lake and taken a few nice photos, it’s time to go and explore more -life as a nomad, always on the go!


What to do there

Don’t miss out on visiting Kalbarri. It’s one of the most beautiful small towns in Western Australia. You have everything -good food, perfect accommodation and heaps to do. Surf at Jakes Point, go for a swim and snorkel in the crystal clear water at blue holes, it’s literally a small lagoon all over.

Kalbarri National Park, it’s a few different walking tracks with beautiful nature and birds. Walk around the coastal cliffs, its one of the most beautiful places I have been. It’s not only about the Kalbarri National Park, which is amazing, but they also have one of the best left waves.

If you enjoy a surf, go and chase a wave. But remember, the oyster reef is one of the most dangerous reefs and you have to know what you are doing when you go for a surf at Jakes point.

Pink Lake

Where to stay

Whilst visiting the pink lake I really recommend a stay in Kalbarri, it’s the perfect little town with a really lazy ‘fisherman and surfer’ attitude. There’s heaps of different options where to stay, caravan park, cheap hostels and hotels, all from budget to luxury!

Why should the Pink Lake be on my bucket list?

It’s a Pink Lake -I think that’s saying enough! It’s like one of the girly dreams comes true. And it’s not all about the lake, but also everything around it, the nature, ocean and the coral coast to name a few.

Pink Lake




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