Pidurangala Rock, Sri Lanka

The Pidurangala rock is located in the heart of Sri Lanka. You can find it next to his ‘big brother’ the Sigiriya Rock.

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Getting to the Pidurangala Rock

The Pidurangala rock is next to the village of Sigiriya. The best way to get to the rock if you are staying in Sigiriya is by bicycle. Staying in the village nearby: Dambulla, it takes about an hour by bus or tuc-tuc. If you wanna reach the rock from further areas. If you are farther away from the rock, public transportation is the cheapest way to get there.

Pidurangala Rock


When you take the local bus to Sigiriya it will not cost more then 500 Sri Lankan Rupee (about 3 euros). The same 500 Rupee you need to pay as a entrance fee to be allowed on the rock. The big difference between the Sigiriya Lions Rock where you pay a 30 USD entrance fee! Bike rental will not cost more then about 500/600 Rupee for one day.

Where to stay

The best place to stay is definitely Sigiriya. From here you can rent a bike en go to the rock. On your way you can do a little sight seeing and maybe see crocodiles ,monkeys and elephants.


Pidurangala Rock

How much time you need there

You will need a few hours on the rock, because some point you need to do a little climbing. It takes about 1 hour to get up and 45 minutes to get down. When you reach the top, the view wil be so amazing and I think that is why you stay at least one hour at the top just enjoying the few.

When is the best time to visit the Pidurangala Rock

The best time to go is in the morning or in the evening. Not because of the tourist, because most of the tourist go to the Lions Rock. So you will see a couple of tourist but not many. In the morning and evening you can see the sun rise/set and that is breathtaking. Also it can be very hot in the afternoon so you might want to avoid the heat a bit.

What to do there

When in Sigiriya you can see both of the rocks. And i recommend to hire a bicycle and to do a little tour on your own.

Pidurangala Rock

What not do to

In my opinion, you should not go to the Lions Rock, but only to the Pidurangala. The view is the same (even better because you have the view over the Lions Rock) and the entrance fee is way to high. Also the local people pay just a normal price for the Lions Rock. If you don’t have a Sri Lankan passport you need to pay 30 USD. And the Lions Rock can be very crowded.

Why should the Pidurangala Rock be on my bucket list?

It should be on your bucket-list because this place has the most breathtaking view I have seen in my life so far. You have 360 degree view and you can see as far as the eyes can reach. The climb to get to the top is adventurous and fun to do. It definitely was a highlight of my trip to Sri Lanka.

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