Phra Nang Cave – Krabi, Thailand

Phra Nang Cave is on Railay beach, a peninsula just off Krabi, Thailand that is only accessible via longtail boat.

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How to get to Phra Nang Cave

Getting to Railay Beach is done by hopping on a 15 minute lontail boat from one of two piers in Krabi (Ao Nang or Ao Nam Mao). Upon arriving on Railay Beach you should head to Phra Nang Cave on foot.

Railay is teeny-tiny and the only mode of transport is putting one foot in front of the other. There are several clearly marked signposts and many helpful tourists and locals who can point you in the right direction and getting lost is largely impossible to do.

Phra Nang Cave

Phra Nang Cave Price

Getting to Railay itself costs THB 800 per one-way longtail trip but this price is easily divided between ten travelers who are also looking to head that way. So roughly THB 80 per person per trip is what you’re looking at spending all in all.

Upon arriving in Railay you’ll need to make your way to Phra Nang Cave which as I’ve already mentioned is extremely easy and free to do. Backpackers on a budget will also rejoice in the fact that exploring Phra Nang Cave is completely free to do!

When is the best time to visit Phra Nang Cave

Phra Nang Cave is generally pretty busy during all hours of the day and evening as many day visitors as well as travelers staying on Railay itself flock to the take photos of the phallic shrine and majestic stalactites.

However, if you want the cave all to yourself it’s easy to do as long as you wake up early and avoid the crowds. I usually take a swim or explore the cave before 8am and this allows you the opportunity to take in the prehistoric beauty without a soul in sight.

Phra Nang Cave

How much time do you need there

The amount of time needed at Phra Nang Cave is entirely up to you. An hour or so of exploring the cave, swimming and taking photographs is a good amount of time.

What to do there

In the nearby vicinity of Phra Nang Cave you’ll be spoiled for choice of adventure options and so getting bored is somewhat of an impossibility. Rock climbing, sun tanning, swimming, kayaking are all excellent things to get up to before or after ogling the magic of the cave itself.

Railay Beach also has wonderful viewpoints as well as an emerald lagoon that can be found on a tricky (but not impossible) climb. The beaches and resorts are dominated by a happy, hippy-art scene, relaxing bars, beautiful restaurants (there is even a restaurant inside a cave) and families of wild monkeys. Adventure junkies, beach bums and those in search of the perfect Instagram photo will all take great delight in Railay’s offerings.

Phra Nang Cave


Once on Railay, everything is free and there is no charge for any viewpoints, hikes or cave entry and so tourist traps are fortunately non-exist around these parts. However, for tourists wanting to head back to Krabi from Railay and vice versa, make sure to locate a longtail boat with some time to spare.

Occasionally you’ll need to wait a while for the boat to fill up and if you’re in a rush you’ll need to fit the bill for the entire boat ride.

It’s also best to avoid this journey after sunset as waiting for other passengers takes increasingly longer.

Where to stay

There are plenty of accommodation options on Railay Beach from cheap and cheerful chalets to 5-star villas with private infinity pools. Fortunately due to Railay’s small size it’s easy to access the whole area from absolutely anywhere and so travelers can afford to be picky about how much they want to spend.

Personally, my favourite spot on Railay Beach is ‘Diamond Cave Resort’. It’s very affordable, well located, has a beautiful pool on the side of a stunning limestone cliff and has by far the best value breakfast. There’s also a few cheeky Dusky Langur Monkeys that swing from the trees on the property.

Why should Phra Nang Cave be on my bucket list?

Railay Beach in general is one of the most picturesque beaches in all of Thailand and offers a wide range of activities for a wide range of interests but Phra Nang Cave in particular offers something special for travelers.

A unique combination of raw, natural beauty; fascinating folklore surrounding the fertility cave filled with penises of every shape and colour; and an intriguing insight into Thai culture, myths and legends.

Phra Nang Cave




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