Papawyan Waterfall – Port Barton, Palawan, Philippines

Papawyan Waterfall is located within the jungle beyond the small village of Port Barton in Palawan, Philippines.

Papawyan WaterfallBy: scientifically.sweet 

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How to get to Papawyan Waterfall

To get there, ask the locals! Head north to the top of the beach in Port Barton by Greenview Resort and follow the path up to a road. The road will turn into a dirt path as it goes into the jungle. Continue straight and you should pass a cemetery on a hill. Get up to the top of the hill and go straight over and down the other side. Continue for about 30-40 minutes on this main road, following the signage that reads “waterfall this way”.

Papawyan WaterfallPapawyan Waterfall

Papawyan Waterfall Price

Experiencing this Papawyan Waterfall is free! There is no entrance fee, but donations are accepted.

Where to stay

Stay in Port Barton town. There are only a few accommodations in this small village, so it is not difficult to walk around and select the one you prefer.

How much time will you need there

It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach the falls on foot. You can also ride a bicycle or a motorbike, but the terrain is quite rough and dusty with irregular paths and boulders. A couple of nights in Port Barton is enough to experience this village and its charm.

Papawyan Waterfall Papawyan Waterfall

The best time to go

The best time to visit is during the shoulder season when it is not very busy. I travelled there during the month of November and there were very few of us at the waterfall in the peak of the afternoon. Just us and a few local children jumping into the cool waters below the falls. If going in high season, I would suggest going early in the morning to avoid crowds.


  • You will surely be hot and tired from the hike to the falls, so wear your swimsuit and jump right into the cool fresh water.
  • There is a long rope draped along the size of one of the rock cliffs that you can use to pull yourself up and climb onto the top of the cliff. From there you can jump about 5 meters down into the cool water!
  • Don’t leave rubbish.
  • If you take a lunch, be sure to clean up and pack up your trash.

Why should Papawyan Waterfall be on my bucket list?

This pure and natural waterfall has an authentic feeling, far from the town and still a secret from mass tourism. The local children use this place to swim and play. There is no entrance gate or admission fee yet. Get there before it gets noticed!

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