Pai Canyon, Thailand

Pai Canyon is about 8 km far from Pai along the road to Chiang Mai. This unique geographical area has been eroded away over many years and is now full of narrow ledges snaking out into the densely forested valley.

Pai CanyonBy: denisegasparini

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How to get to Pai Canyon

Getting to Pai from Chiang Mai From Chiang Mai bus terminal 2 there is a Mini Van service from 6 am to 6 pm every hours and it takes about 4 hours drive. From Pai the Pay Canyon can be reach by motor bike, bike or taxi. I suggest to hire a motorbike I did for a full day and drove all around Pai and stopped in many places.

It is a 5 to 10 minutes walk from the car/motorbike park to the top. The first view point is easily accessible to everyone and nature trails that range in difficulty from easy to extremely challenging, however there is nothing in the way of safety bars and you are free to venture as far afield into the canyon as you dare, but with a 30 and more metre plus drop on either side be careful where you tread.

Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon Price

There is no entrance fee to visit Pai Canyon. Motor bike rental: 200 bath per day Van from Chang Mai to Pai 190 bath.

Where to stay in Pai

It’s really easy to find hostels or guesthouse in Pai. There’re many good and cheap offers between 5-8$. I stayed at the happy house backpackers. Nice place and clone to the main street.

Pai Canyon

When to visit Pai Canyon

The best times to walk the Pai Canyon are early mornings or at the end of afternoons, when it is cooler for the climbs. It takes about half an hour to see it and enjoy the view. If you want to do all the trikes then you need half day but you have to be really careful and not scary of height . It is very dangerous a very slippery ground.

Why should Pai Canyon be on my bucket list ?

The Pai Canyon is an incredible place to explore with stunning 360 degrees view of the valley so if you are already in Pai the views make absolutely worth a visit.

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