Our Trip to the Philippines

This year, I Felixgerlach have had the chance to visit the beautiful islands of Philippines with my twin brother Paul Paulgerlach. We had an incredible time with the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises we’ve ever seen, crystal clear water, whale shark diving and of course many waterfalls. Within our 14 day trip, we’ve picked 4 islands to explore more: Cebu, Palawan, Manila main island and Boracay.

Cebu Waterfalls – the must do


Our first stop was the Kawasan Waterfall in the west of the Cebu Island. To get there, it was quite easy. You can take a bus from Cebu city and stop directly at the entry walk to the waterfall. I suggest to go very early or around 5 or 6 to avoid the touristic masses. You can find cheap accommodations in Badian or Algeria.

After a 15 minutes walk from the main road through beautiful nature, you’ll arrive at the first level of the waterfall. There are bamboo boats waiting which will drive you under the waterfall. You have to pay around $5 to get on the boat. Usually, you are on one of the floating bamboo boats with 5-7 other people.

Though, if you pay them a little bit more, you are able to go alone to have the possibility to take these awesome shots.


El Nido – the paradise on earth


Of course, you also have to see the crystal blue water in El Nido. It’s located in the north of the Palawan Island. If arrived by plane, just take a 6-person-taxi to the north.

They are usually cheaper than the regular busses and quite comfortable. From there, you should go with one of these boat trips to do the Island hopping.



Worth to take a look at our Instagram to see much more unknown and secret spots to get travel ideas:
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Why should Philippines be on my bucket list ?

Philippines is becoming more touristy and for good reasons too!
The government is building asphalt streets all over the Islands to make it more comfortable for tourists, which makes it also more attractive for the masses.
I assume, there will be huge queues around the touristic spots to take the best picture in the future. Take the opportunity now, to see the paradise on earth. You won’t be disappointed.




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