Osmena Peak – Cebu, Philippines

Osmena Peak can be found on the island of Cebu in the Philippines, and is the highest mountain on the island standing 1,013 metres above sea level.

Osmena PeakBy: rachelmalik94

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How to get to Osmena Peak

From Baidian it takes around an hour and a half to get to Osmena Peak. We took an open air taxi for 750PHP which can fit around 6 people in.

Alternative forms of transport include the traditional tricycle taxis, which would probably be a little cheaper.

I would advise against getting a car to Osmena, as the roads are often bumpy and winey. Although the ride is long, the scenery on the way is worth it alone.

Osmena PeakOsmena Peak

Where to stay

We stayed in a homestay in the Lambug Beach area of Badian. The location was very convenient as it was around 15 minutes away from the famous Kawasan Falls, and around 1.5 hours from Osmena Peak.

This enabled us to get to Kawasan Falls in the morning before the majority of tourists, and then head to Osmena in the afternoon.

Osmena Peak expenses

Osmena Peak budget: There is a 20 PHP registration fee at the beginning of the trail up to Osmena Peak. This is obviously in addition to the transportation cost from Badian.

Additionally, there is no need for a guide here as the trail is pretty straight forward to follow. However, if you feel the need, there are usually some available at the tourist registration building.

Osmena Peak

How much time do you need at Osmena Peak

I would suggest maybe planning to spend around 2 hours at Osmena Peak. It is a 700 metre climb up to the lookout point of the Peak, which takes around 30 minutes to get to.

When is the best time to visit Osmena Peak

It is better to visit Osmena Peak in the afternoon, as in the morning it can be foggy resulting in a limited view. We visited Cebu in March and experienced nice temperatures and good weather.

What to do there

The hike to the top of the peak is rather enjoyable and not that hard. Along the trail there are people selling water and snacks, in case you get thirsty or peckish. It is a very peaceful place to hike and when you reach the top, your job is simply to relax and take in the amazing view!


Due to an increase of tourist activity to the site there is a growing amount of litter due to the lack of bins. A plastic bag for rubbish is always good to keep handy.

Additionally, I would advise people to wear trainers or shoes with good grip, as parts of the hike can be inclined and slippy. Finally, water!

Osmena Peak

Why should Osmena Peak be on my bucket list?

If you are visiting Cebu, I would definitely pay a visit to Osmena Peak, as it gives you a truly magnificent 360 view of this beautiful island, as well as being extremely impressive in its own right.

Further, the journey to Osmena takes you high into the mountains where you are able to stop at local villages and see a totally different way of life to that in the cities and touristy areas.

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