Nui Bay – Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Nui Bay is located on Koh Phi Phi Don, north of Loh Dalum Beach.

Nui BayBy: afoxymoron

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How to get to Nui Bay

Nui Bay can be accessed by 3 methods: Hiring a longtail boat, renting a kayak from Loh Modee or trekking through the jungle on a guided tour.

I highly recommend the final option, as you get a completely unique experience of Koh Phi Phi. The tour with Antrek takes you up to 3 lookout points over Phi Phi, through beautiful jungle passes, old Phi Phi Town ( a glimpse of what the island was like 20 years ago) and through a humble fishing village before climbing down a cliff pass to the beach.

As the sun sets, all the other tourists on day trips leave, and its just you and the beach. The tour ends with a night trek through the jungle with headlamps – an exciting must-do experience!

Nui BayNui Bay

Nui Bay Price

The Antrek tour cost 1300 Baht. As for long tail boat trips, I’m not entirely sure as I didn’t take this option. Antrek is the only company that I found who offered this tour.

Where to stay

Nui Bay is completely cut off from any accommodation, and so the only option is to stay some place else on the island.

How much time will you need at Nui Bay

Depending on how much quality beach time you need, anything from a few hours to a day trip would be sufficient. If you get bored easily, I’d recommend to only stay for a few hours, as there’s nothing else to do but snorkel, swim and sunbathe on the pristine white sand.

The best time to visit Nui Bay

The best time to go would either be very early in the morning, when fewer tourists will be around, however you’ll have to check with boat operators to make sure that the tide will be in enough to dock.

Another option is to go in the later part of the day to catch some rays before enjoying the spectacular sunset. Around sunset is when most people leave. Regardless, the bay is never actually crowded, and remains a tranquilly secluded spot even midday.Nui BayNui Bay

What to to there

In Nui Bay its all about quality beach time. There are no shops, attractions, roads or buildings. Just pristine beach and crystal clear water.

The coral reefs make for some excellent snorkelling and the massive beach provides plenty of space to toss a football.

Make sure to bring some snacks if you plan on staying a while, and always leave with any trash that you bring. If you came by kayak, exploring the Camel Rock formations and the numerous caves would be a fun activity.

Why should Nui Bay be on my bucket list ?

These days it’s hard to find a beautiful beach in Thailand that isn’t crowded with people. Especially on Koh Phi Phi, where gems like Maya Bay are packed with tourists shortly after sunrise.

For me, Nui Bay was the real “Beach”. Being in such a secluded, spectacular bay with hardly anyone else around is what most people imagine when they plan their trip to Thailand – however few really experience it. In Nui Bay, you still can (for now!).

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