Mount Kinabalu – Borneo, Malaysia

You can find Mount Kinabalu World Heritage Site in Sabah, on the Malaysian side of Borneo.

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How to get to Mount Kinabalu

Take a flight to Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur or Kuala Besut on the Malaysian mainland. Then take a bus from there to the Mount Kinabalu National Park.

Mount KinabaluMount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu Price

This is not a cheap mountain to climb, a guide is obligatory and you must overnight in the basecamp on the mountain. It will costs you at least 180USD and it might be as much as 300USD with some companies. If its busy season you might have to book up front.

How much time to climb Mount Kinabalu

At least 2 days. You need one day to climb to basecamp (3-6 hours) and then the next moring around 03:30AM you will go up to the summit at 4095m to watch the sunrise over Sabah. After this you will have to descend all the way down (be prepared for soar muscles the next few days, a lot of stairs! :)).

When is the best time to go

The Best Time to climb Mount Kinabalu is between March and August, which is the dry season of Sabah. The peak season is April to June.

You can climb in other months, but try to avoid December and January, which are the wettest months.

Mount KinabaluMount Kinabalu

What to do there

Climb the Mountain obviously! The national park it self has some nice waterfalls aswell!

DO NOT GET naked on the summit, the mountain is sacred and backpacked have been arrested and thrown in jail in the past..

Where to stay

You can stay in Laban Rata or stay with Uncle Jack at Jungle Jack Backpackers, he can also arrange the complete package, you can try bargaining if it is not busy (only if you don’t pre-book).

Why should Mount Kinabalu be on my bucket list?

The mountain is an interesting one, it is essentially a massive granodiorite rock which makes the summit very different from other mountains! It might also be your first time being 4000 meters (13,435 ft) above sea level, from this height the view is obviously spectacular!

Mount KinabaluMount Kinabalu




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