Monkey Beach – Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Monkey Beach is located on the southwestern side of Tonsai Bay, about 700m from the jetty off of Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand. It is about a 150 meter strip of beach with roaming monkeys and beautiful limestone cliffs. Monkey Beach is covered with lush vegetation that offers monkeys happy and full!

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How to get to Monkey Beach

You can get to Monkey beach many different ways! Either by booze cruise, kayack or by hiring a long tail boat to take you there. Hiring a long-tail boat near Tonsai jetty is the easiest way.

We visited Monkey Beach on Bob’s Booze cruise which we highly recommend doing but long tail boats are a great experience as well.

Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach

How much time do you need in Koh Phi Phi

We stayed in Ko Phi Phi for four days and it was plenty of time to do everything we wanted to do and to relax!

There’s great scuba diving in Ko Phi Phi and the most beautiful beach which is called Long Beach. You can do all the islands including Maya Bay, Monkey Beach and the blue lagoon all in one day.

We also recommend going up to the view points! It’s a little workout including many steps so if you’re up for the challenge than I highly recommend going! You will see the view speaks for itself. BEAUTIFUL!

When to visit Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi is a year round tourist attraction which means that there’s always many tourists.

We went in October and it was wonderful. We had the best weather and met the most wonderful people from all over the world. There are many restaurants to eat around the island.

There are no motorbikes because everything is walking distance which mean you can eat, drink and get a good exercise!

Monkey Beach

Where to stay

For backpackers, the cheapest deals are found at the hostels, most of which are in Tonsai village.

We recommend to stay at Blanco Hostel! It’s right on the beach where there’s countless parties and an amazing fire show! Probably the best one I’ve ever seen!

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Why should Monkey Beach be on my Bucket List ?

Ko Phi Phi was one of my favorite places especially Monkey Beach because that’s my favorite animal. Don’t be scared of the monkey’s. They are very sweet if you feed them peanuts.

They are huge fans of peanuts! So bring some nuts and a big smile and you’ll enjoy the monkey’s as much as I did.

Thailand is an amazing place to visit full of wonderful friendly people who will give you everything they have to enjoy their beautiful country. Ko Phi Phi along with the rest of the wonderful country of Thailand will be memories I will cherish forever.

Monkey Beach




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