The Mondulkiri Project, Cambodia

The Mondulkiri Project is located 5-6 hours east of Phnom Penh. The Mondulkiri Project rescue overworked elephants so that they can retire away from elephant rides. There are only 48 domesticated elephants left in Cambodia.

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Getting to the Mondulkiri Project

You can get from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap to Mondulkiri by express minivan which is around $13. Minivans leave Phnom Penh in the morning and around midday. From Siem Reap they leave in the morning.

Mondulkiri Project

Mondulkiri Project Price

The Mondulkiri Project costs $50 for a one-day tour visit to their elephant sanctuary. The two day tour which includes a visit to their elephant sanctuary, overnight accommodation in their Jungle Lodge, and a day of trekking to visit waterfalls costs $80 which is what I done and was an amazing experience.

The trek is challenging but awesome and the guides are all employed from the local village, plus you finish in the most amazing treehouse, chilling in a hammock in time for the sunset before some rice wine and a day with the elephants!

Where to stay

The town of Sen Monorom is where you stay before you visit. The Tree Lodge Bungalow is run by one of the founders of the project-Mr Tree and his lovely family! Bungalows start from $7 per night for two people. Tours leave from there in the morning.


Mondulkiri Project

Mondulkiri Project


When to visit

There is no best time to visit however the rainy season of June – October can make the Jungle Trekking difficult.

How much time do you need at the Mondulkiri Project

When you visit the Mondulkiri Project you get to spend 1-2 days in a lovely jungle setting. The weather is a lot cooler than the rest of Cambodia. You are away from tuk tuk drivers and gift sellers.

Why should The Mondulkiri Project be on my bucket list

The Mondulkiri Project should be on your bucket list because your visit is directly funding the protection of the forest sanctuary. It is also helping the Project rescue overworked elephants so that they can retire away from elephant rides. There are only 48 domesticated elephants left in Cambodia. Spend your day feeding, walking with, washing and swimming with their lovely herd of elephants if a fantastic experience! After working for just over a month on different wildlife centres throughout SE Asia this was one of my fondest memories as the elephants really are in their natural setting and is 1000% worth visiting when in Cambodia!

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