Millaa Millaa Falls, Australia

Millaa Millaa falls is located in Atherton tableland, north queensland, Australia.

Millaa Millaa FallsBy: nhougaard

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How to get to Millaa Millaa Falls

The Millaa Millaa Falls are reached by car, about 5 minutes from the township of Millaa Millaa. We had a Jucy car – So easy to find!

Millaa Millaa Falls Millaa Millaa Falls

Millaa Millaa Falls Price

There are no entrance fee to Milla Milla Falls so it’s free to visit! Unless you choose to take a guided tour there. It is a bit out in the country, so taxi may be expensive.

Where to stay

The biggest city close by is Atherton where you can stay. We had a campa so we went to a camping spot at tinaroo lake.

What to do there

Do a waterfall day. It’s not only millaa milla falls but other waterfalls on the same drive that you can see as well. Make sure you check out the other falls, Zillie and Elinjaa.


Get there early in the morning and get the waterfall all to your self. If you want to swim: Be carefull of rocks at the bottom. Very slippery and there are many of them.

Millaa Millaa Falls Millaa Millaa Falls

Why should Millaa Millaa Falls be on my bucket list ?

Millaa Milla Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Australia. A must see. It’s a perfect opportunity to sit down just enjoy your surroundings.

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