Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Mekong Delta is located outside Ho Chi Minh City. It takes about 2,5 hour to get to the Mekong River from Ho Chi Minh and is a perfect getaway from the City.

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How to get to Mekong Delta

The best and easiest way is to get there by bus. Together with a guide or tour organization. They offer a package price which include transfer, a tour guide, lunch, boat trips and the entrance.

Information about these tours are easy to find since many hostels/hotels have collaborations with the tour organisations.

Mekong Delta Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta Price

For one person it cost 400 000 VND which is equivalent to about 20 US dollars. It includes the bus transfer from your hotel, entrance, lunch and a tour guide. You don’t need to pay other fees.

The guide will fix the ticket for you when you arrive to Mekong Delta. I think it is a fair price for the tour since it offers you many activities during the day.

When is the best time to visit

It is a pretty big tourist attraction. The trips starts early if you go with a booked tour. It depends where you live but if you live in the city it takes like 2,5 hour to get there so the trip will start about 7.30-8.00AM and you get back like 4-5PM.

Mekong Delta Mekong Delta

How much time do you need there

At Mekong Delta it is enough with one day. The tour took almost the entire day. We leaved the hotel around 7.30 AM and got back at 04.30 PM.

I would recommend spending 3 or 4 days in Ho Chi Minh City, great city with a lot of fun things to do. Vietnam in general has a lot to offer, it all depends on what you want to do. I regret that we didn’t have the time to go to Ha Long Bay, I’ve heard that it is astonishing and so beautiful.

What to do there

One thing I think everybody should do is to ride the small boats in the river through the jungle. It was so beautiful and you feel like a real Vietnamese with the typical “Vietnam”hats on. If you don’t want to buy one you can borrow one when you jump on the boat.

There are some minor traps where they are trying to sell some products to you after you tried or tasted them. Otherwise is it a wonderful experience and a tour that I would recommend everybody to do.

Where to stay

In district 1! It’s in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, walking distance to all the major museums, markets and shopping. We lived at a hotel called “Boss 3”. The best thing about this hotel was that we got 20% off on our trip to Mekong Delta when we booked it through them.

Why should Mekong Delta be on my bucket list?

Because it’s a part of the Vietnamese culture. It shows you the nature and gives you a lot of knowledge on how the country became what it is today.

Mekong Delta Mekong Delta




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