Magwa Falls, South Africa

Magwa Falls is nestled in the middle of the 1,800 hectare Magwa Tea Plantation just outside Lusikisiki, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The tea plantation is South Africa’s largest and last remaining tea plantation and the drive to reach the falls are an adventure in itself.

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How to get to Magwa Falls

Visitors can get to Magwa Falls from Coffee Bay, Port St Johns and surrounds by driving or by going on one of the arranged tours. Although this waterfall is relatively unknown, travellers can still put the location into any GPS and make their way there pretty easily.

Alternatively, for travellers who do not have their own car or a hired car, there are day trips available throughout Coffee Bay and Port St Johns which include a visit to Magwa Falls.

Once you arrive at the parking area, you’ll need to do a short hike to the viewpoint seen in this photo. This involves precariously walking in calf-high water at points, where you’ll see children scampering about and women washing clothes on the rocks.

Magwa Falls

Magwa Falls Price

A guided tour to Magwa Falls, including a few additional stops as well as transport will cost around R450, but entrance into the falls itself is completely free.

For those who have their own transport I’d recommend driving to the waterfall yourself. This independent travel allows you to save costs, enjoy the waterfall alone and to have zero time restraints.


When is the best time to visit Magwa Falls

Although visiting Magwa Falls is a wonderful experience year-round, I’d recommend going during the peak season from November to February.

These months, although busier than the winter months, will be summer and as of right now, this waterfall is somewhat unknown by visitors to the area so it’s unlikely to be swarming with visitors.

While June and July might offer a more majestic waterfall due to an increase in rainfall, getting across the slippery rocks might be rather dangerous if the water is too deep or the current too strong.

How much time do you need there

This all depends on personal needs and preferences. For those who want to picnic at the top, take photographs and enjoy the view, I’d suggest a couple of hours.

For visitors who just want to snap a few shots and to tick it off their bucketlist, you can do it all within an hour.

Magwa Falls

What to do

Pack a picnic and slip-slops, bring your camera and spend a few hours exploring the falls as well as the very picturesque landscape on your way in. The tea plantations offer visitors stunning scenery to photograph and enjoy.

If staying in the nearby Coffee Bay, be sure to check out The Hole in the Wall.

If staying in the nearby Port St Johns, don’t miss out on visiting a local beach where you’ll find dozens of cows chilling on the sand. Surfing in the surrounding areas is also excellent.

Where to stay

I’d recommend staying in Port St Johns for those who wish to visit Magwa Falls. This city is far more geared to tourists and less remote and rural than Coffee Bay.

Depending on your budget I’d suggest staying at either Jungle Monkey Backpackers or N’taba River Lodge and Spa. Both are in Port St Johns and are under 25km to the waterfall.

Tips about Magwa Falls

Upon arriving at the waterfall via car you might be greeted by young children or adolescents who insist on being your guide to the waterfall. Should you decide that you’d prefer to hike to the falls alone, tell them this.

There is no entrance fee or no guide fee to Magwa Falls despite what the locals may say. Keep in mind though that getting across the water to the viewpoint is a little tricky and the friendly locals can help you.

Should you ask for assistance and direction to the viewpoint be sure to offer a donation to the locals as a thank you upon your departure. A little tip goes along way in this area and will be greatly appreciated.

Why should Magwa Falls be on my bucket list?

Beautiful, untouched and unspoiled and jawdropping. The sheer magnitude of the cascading waterfall and the surrounding views, make a visit to Magwa Falls definite bucketlist material.

Magwa Falls

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