Little Adam’s Peak – Ella, Sri Lanka

Little Adam’s Peak is in Ella, it is not the same as Adams Peak in Wilderness Sanctuary (130 km from each other)

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Getting to Ella

You can get there from Colombo airport:

Take a bus n. 189 at the airport, it will bring you to Colombo Ford (60 min and 130 rupees).

Go from Colombo Fort bus stand to Colombo Fort railway station ( 10-15 min walk, you can ask for directions).

Buying a ticket: Go to window n. 4 for unreserved tickets , 2nd class ticket 430 rupees, 3rd class 270 rupees. If you want first class go to window n.17 and ask if they still have any tickets available.

We didn’t experience any difference between 3rd and 2nd class, first class is just not worth 900 rupees, save money and buy a cheap ticket. You will be hanging out of the train the most of time anyways.

You don’t have to bring any snacks or drinks on the train, it is all available in the train and costs the same as at the station. The snacks are local specialities and safe to eat.

The views from the train are magnificent especially the part between Kandy and Ella you will see tea plantations and mountains. Breathtaking! There are 4 trains daily leaving from Colombo, 3 express trains and 1 night mail train.

The schedule for the trains you can find @, the journey will take aprox. 9 hours, but you will love it. Take the morning train you do want to see the views.

When you get to the Ella station take a tuk-tuk or simply walk to your hotel or guesthouse, Ella is tiny.

Little Adam’s Peak

Little Adam’s Peak

Staying in Ella

Ella is very small but has an abundance of places to stay. On the streets you will see more tourists than locals, but the tiny village did not lose its authentic charm.

You can book a guesthouse for as little as 12 euro for a night breakfast included. For that price you will get a double/triple room with ensuite bathroom(hot water Yay!). Don’t worry about A/C it gets chilly in the mountains in the evening.

We stayed at Kapila’s Relax Lodge and enjoyed it. The view on the mountains in the morning was to die for, the hammock was a perfect place to enjoy a cup of the finest Ceylon tea. Don’t freak out when you find that all the tea they serve is Lipton, it is locally grown and the biggest manufacturer in the region.

Little Adam’s Peak

Getting to the Little Adam’s Peak

If you want to have the best view of Ella Rock, make a climb to the little Adam’s peak. The difference between Little Adam’s Peak and Ella Rock is that the climb to Little Adam’s Peak is much easier to climb and it is more scenic.

Little Adam’s Peak is less high aprox. 1000m and it opens the view to the Ravana falls. You can combine Ravana Falls with Little Adams Peak easily for a day trip.

You can walk to the Little Adam’s peak from the town of Ella, just ask a local for directions. Don’t take a tuk-tuk or you will miss the tea plantations.

Sunrise visit is probably the best time to make the climb. The heat won’t be that much of a problem and you will be lucky to see women picking tea. Many of the women will ask you if you want a foto, for a charge of course! Even sweetest tea picking ladies will try to charge you for a picture.

Little Adam’s Peak

The last part of a climb is a bit challenging, take your time and you will be fine. The views are well worth it. The climb, taking pictures, enjoying the views and getting back will take about 4 hours. No tour guide or ticket needed, just go and enjoy the views.

What else to see in Ella

After the climb to the Little Adam’s Peak wait out the noon heat in a cosy cafe in Ella town (pick one that looks good for you).

Around 2pm. you can head to the Ravana falls. Don’t forget your swim wear, because you can have a swim in the main pool area. Local people will offer you a tuk-tuk for 2000 rupees to take you to the falls.

My suggestion is to take the bus it is cheap (less than 50 rupees) and it’s quick. Busses leave every 10 minutes from the main road. You must experience Sri-Lankan buses, they have tv and a state of the art sound system.

The bus ride is an experience on its own. The ride is both exciting and terrifying. The drivers could all be rally champions. Somehow you still feel safe going 70-80 km/h on the edge of a cliff.

When back in the town, you can visit a tea factory and the plantation. We didn’t go, but we heard that it is supposed to be educating and entertaining, although pricey.

You can also visit the 9 arch bridge where a train passes twice a day. Of course you will also find the many spiritual gathering places, stupas, temples and the many meditation/yoga retreats.

All in all, you will need about 2 nights to see Ella and 4 nights to enjoy it. The best time to go is from November-March during the dry season, the rains will stop and it will be less hot.

Little Adam’s Peak

Why should Ella be on you bucket list?

Just look at at the pictures and you will understand. Ella has the perfect mix between high mountains and the tropics.

Little Adam’s Peak

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