Lion’s Head – Cape Town, South Africa

Lion’s Head is a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa and hard not to see while being there.

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How to reach the top of the Lion’s Head

You can’t take a cable car or drive, you need to hike and climb to reach the top of Lion’s Head. It’s less than a one hour hike but, always depending on in which condition you are and how many breaks you are taking.

The path up there is just normal walking uphill, stairs and also rock climbing. If you’re scared of heights better don’t do it because there are no barriers.

Lion's Head

Lion's Head


You don’t need to pay entrance fees, just climb up the mountain and enjoy the view.We always had a rental car to get around and have been sharing the price and it wasn’t really expensive. So I can really recommend that.

Where to stay

You definitely should spend some time in Cape Town. Capetown is one of my favorite cities in the world and it has so much to offer. For example you can explore beautiful beaches, go hiking or also see the amazing table mountain besides the Lions Head.

I’ve personally been doing Volunteer work with kids in a township for 6 weeks and eas staying in Somerset West during this time which is a 40 minute drive to Cape Town.

But I can also recommend the Hostel ‘Once in Cape Town‘ where I’ve been staying in for 4 days after finishing my work.

Lion's Head

How long does it take to climb Lion’s Head

I would calculate one hour for climbing up there with photo breaks and enjoy the view. Of course you can rush up there, but I like to take some more time.

The top of the mountain is pretty small so there is not much to to except of enjoying the amazing view and taking pictures. So it’s hard to say how long you will stay up there. For climbing down I would suggest to plan 45 minutes.

When is the best time to go

It is best to go when the sky is clear and it’s not too cloudy so you can enjoy a better view. A really good idea is start going up there about 1,5-2 hours before the sun is going down because the light will look amazing and you can watch the sunset there.

If you are lucky and go on a day of full moon you can watch the full moon rise while still being on the Lions Head. But be aware of that you have to climb down when it’s dark so better bring a flashlight and a sweater.

Lion's HeadLion's Head

What to do there

There isn’t that much to to there. Just don’t rush on the climbs up there and enjoy the view on the top maybe with a Picknick.


It’s colder on a hill, so bring a sweater. If your climbing up for the sunset don’t forget you flashlight dor climbing down again.
And be aware of that there are no barriers and sometimes you have to walk and climb really close to the edge.

Why should Lion’s Head be on my bucket list?

Just take a look at the photos. The view is amazing. Its one of my favorite places I’ve ever been to. You can only get up there if you’re climbing so it’s not a completely crowded tourist spot.

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