Las Coloradas – Yutacan, Mexico

Las Coloradas is located in the North of Yucatan, Mexico. Las Coloradas is known for the pink water created by tiny marine microorganisms.

Las ColoradasBy: Maxhamadou / Faten09

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How to get to Las Coloradas

Las Coloradas is about 2 hour drive from Valladolid and 3 hours from Cancun or Playa del Carmen. As we were road-tripping around the Yucatan Peninsula for two weeks, it was a really cool way to spend an afternoon away from Valladolid.

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Las Coloradas
Las Coloradas Price

We went on our own with a rental car from Valladolid. If you can’t rent a car, you can hire a taxi for approximately 900 pesos (50$) to get you from Valladolid to Las Coloradas since no tour is organised from Valladolid.

From Cancun, you can get there by bus. It is also possible to hire a tour on the spot for 200 pesos (11$), where you will have the chance to experience a Mayan mud bath, float in salty water, see the flamingo and take beautiful photos.

Where to stay

We recommend staying in Valladolid, one of Yucatan’s most beautiful towns and a true gem in terms of food. You can also stay in Rio Lagartos, which is a small town not far from those beautiful pink lakes.

Las Coloradas


How much time do you need there

We could have spent the entire day there, but we would recommend planning at least 2 to 3 hours there.

If you are eager to wake up early, you can visit some of Valladolid’s incredible Cenotes (Suytun and Samula are our favorites) before the tourists arrive (around 9.30), eat something in Valladolid and drive to Las Coloradas.

When is the best time to visit Las Coloradas

No particular season is recommended because it really depends on the daily weather. As we were there in August (low season), we decided to take the chance. Pink lakes, right? No way we would miss it.

When we arrived, there was only a few people around but it was unfortunately cloudy. We decided to wait in order to get some epic shots. After 2 hours, the sky cleared and wow, it was worth it.

Las Coloradas

What to do there

Drive around the many pink lakes and go see the flamingos at the far end of the lakes, after the fabric, next to the village and of course take pictures as many as you can.

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Tips / What not to do

When we arrived, a tour guide asked us if we wanted to take a tour. The area is public so you don’t need to pay fees to enter it and you can easily walk between the pink lakes by yourself so we didn’t take the tour. Also, don’t try to swim in the pink lakes since it is forbidden from a while.

Why should Las Coloradas be on my bucket list?

Have you ever seen a pink lake? No? Then do yourself a favor and go check it out!!




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