Komodo National Park – Flores, Indonesia

Komodo National Park is located within the provinces of East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara, in Flores, Indonesia. The park also include Rinca Island, where you can see the dragons. And other little and beautiful islands like Padar, Kanawa, Sabolo, Kelor.

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How to get to Komodo National Park

To get to Komodo National Park you can take a flight from Ngurai Airport (Bali) to Labuan Bajo, the nearest little town to the national park. You can also take a four or five days tour with boat from Bali or Gili Islands to Labuan Bajo. Along the way you visit many of the islands.

Komodo National Park

Where to stay

Labuan Bajo is a small fishing village with only one main street. In that street you can find many hotels and hostels, although not usually of high quality. I recomend Le Pirate Bajo Hotel, one of the most newest, cleanest and full of positive energy of Labuanbajo.

Komodo National Park


Flight ticket: 90$ per person round trip
Taxi to the city: 3$ (with Le pirate bajo hotel it’s free)
Day tours: Between 30 and 50$
Hotel room: Between 30 and 50$ the double room.

How much time will you need there

Minimum 3 days. If you get to town with aircraft, the first day you will not do any tour because the boats leave early in the morning. The next day you can do the Komodo dragon tour and leave Labuanbajo the following day. Without a doubt, the best choice is stay in Labuanbajo five days in order to visit the other islands, which are incredible. You can also do tours sleeping in the boat and this allows you to see more islands in less days, although the boats are not very safe.

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park

When is the best time to go visit the Komodo National Park

To see the Komodo Dragons you have to make the visit to the island early in the morning or late in the afternoon, because during the day the dragons are sheltered from the heat and you can not see many of them.

What to do there

The best island to see the dragons is Rinca Island, not Komodo, because it is smaller and have more trees, so you have more chances to see dragons. Also I recommend Padar Island to do the one hour trekking and see the beautiful landscape from the viewpoint, the manta point for swim with mantas if you’re lucky, Kanawa Island, Kelor Island, Pink beach and the sandbanks with very clear water near the islands.

Komodo National Park

What not to do

You only have to respect the animals and the environment of the park. Do not touch turtles or mantas If you’re lucky to see them, do not break the coral or take it home and respect the local people who they are not used to tourists.

Why should the Komodo National Park be on my bucket list?

If you want the perfect combination of true Indonesian culture, incredible landscapes, an animal documentary in live and the most clearest water and pink sand you ever seen, you must go to Komodo National Park and Labuanbajo.

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