Kayangan Lake, Coron – Philippines

Kayangan Lake is located outside of Coron, Philippines. It is famous for crystal clear water and a beautiful viewpoint over the lake.

By: sallyzevenwacht

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How to get to Kayangan Lake

The only way to reach Kayangan Lake is by boat. Easiest is by buying island hopping/island tour tickets in the city.

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake Price

You can choose of different tours and if you want a private bout or share it with others. We took a private boat and bought or own lunch with us that the captain cooked for us. We payed 1300 pesos per person for everything.

Where to stay

We stayed at Patrik and Tezz guesthouse in Coron which I can recommend. But however you should stay in Coron city.


Kayangan Lake

How much time will you need there

At just kayangan lake we spend maybe 40 minutes. But the whole tour is about 7 hours. If you like to stay longer at the lake, you need to fix it with the tour operator.

When to visit

All yours starts around 8-9 in the morning, but we asked our captain to go to kayangan lake first of all the tour destinations. We wasn’t alone, but there was not so much tourists as it usually are.

Kayangan Lake Kayangan Lake

What to do there

Walk up to the viewpoint and enjoy the amazing view. Take photos of the spectacular nature,  Bath in the fantastic crystal clear water.  Do a bit of snorkelling, or just look at the beautiful nature.

Why should Kayangan Lake be on my Bucket List

The most beautiful place I have ever seen. Clean and kept as it should be as a nature phenomenon! A must for all backpackers in the Philippines.

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