Jungle Water Slide Hawaii

The Jungle Water Slide Hawaii is located on the north tip of the Big Island of Hawaii. You need to hike 3 miles to get to this awesome slide deep in the Hawaiian Mountains.

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How to get to the Jungle Water Slide Hawaii

To get here it is about an hour and a half of some of the coolest hiking grounds in the entire world.

You have to first get to the end of White Road which is a road in Waimea, Big Island, and from there follow a hidden trail that goes deep into the Native Hawaiian Mountains.

The trail is still relatively new so not much people know about it other than the locals.

Don’t be nervous hiking through the caves as it can be scary. There are some paths that can be really high and if you are really uncomfortable don’t make any shortcuts!

Jungle Water Slide Hawaii

Jungle Water Slide Hawaii Price

To get to the final destination it is free, but you need a few things to get there. Flashlights are one, because you need light to hike through the narrow tunnels.

Water will come up to your knees in these tunnels, and you might feel very claustrophobic but it is worth the hike.

The hike is so high that it is almost always foggy and moist because youre literally walking through the clouds. When there are no clouds, which can be rare, the view is incredible. There are tons of waterfalls and a valley that is more than 1000 feet down.


Early morning are the best times to go. Most people like to go midday, so beat the hikers by going a little bit earlier.

Don’t forget cameras, as it is unreal how incredible the views can be. Climb up the side of the water slide and slide down! It is very steep and looks very high in person, but it 100% safe.

Jungle Water Slide Hawaii

How much time do you need there

The Big Island of Hawaii needs about 1 week of exploring. It is the island with the most stunning views, water holes, beaches, etc., and if you are into wildlife, it is the island to go to. The hike itself takes up half of your day, especially if youre taking your time enjoying the views.

Where to stay

The trail is off of a small town called Waimea which is a little more than an hour from the nearest airport. There are a bunch of hotels and hostels all around the island.

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Why should the Jungle Water Slide Hawaii be on my bucket list?

This is one of my favorite places on the island, and that means a lot coming from a local.

The best part about the hike is that it looks beautiful no matter the weather. When it is cloudy and you look at the mountains or anything surrounding you, it creates a mist that makes everything spin, making you think youre on drugs.

The slide itself is located deep in the mountains and has grown moss on it which lets us slide down the concrete free of injury.

The water is cold but nothing that you cant handle. It is a thrilling experience combined with a stunning view and you cant get that combination too often.

Jungle Water Slide Hawaii




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