Jardin – Antioquia, Colombia

Jardin is a small farming town in South America, in Colombia’s coffee region in Antioquia. Following is a complete guide to Jardin Colombia .

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How to get to Jardin Colombia

You can get to Jardin by bus from Medellin, Colombia’s closest big city. The ride is about 4 hours and you can catch them daily from the South Terminal in Medellin for $9 each way.

Jardin ColombiaJardin Colombia

What to do in Jardin

Relax. This is an old fashioned town, which will soon be evident by the men wandering up to bars on their horses to buy a beer. Time moves slow here. Sleep in, and enjoy breakfast in the restaurants surrounding the main square.

Jardin in a coffee town, so try a few different cafes throughout the day. If you have time, you can visit the coffee plantations for a tour and a tasting as well.

For the outdoorsy. you can spend your day hiking to various surrounding waterfalls on the trails that go into Jardin’s countryside, or take the cable car up to Cristo Rey for the view of the city.

If you’re into bird watching, there’s a reserve right outside town that boasts plenty of colorful and exotic sightings.

In the square, make sure you stop by for a moment in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, where the blue tiles and high ceilings are stunning.

For the more adventurous types, other popular activities include canyoning (rappelling down waterfalls), or taking a horseback ride to the nearby Esplendor Cave.

Jardin Colombia Jardin ColombiaJardin Colombia

Price / Where to stay in Jardin

Jardin is a cheap getaway that anyone on a backpackers budget can still afford. Our hostel near the main square was a private room and bathroom with breakfast included. It had an amazing garden and hammock to chill on as well, and was only $28 a night for two people. If you’re crashing on a dorm bed, it will be even less.

I loved my stay in the beautiful Kantarrana Hostel.

Where to eat in Jardin Colombia

There are a lot of authentic Colombian restaurants and cafes in Jardin. My favorite restaurant there, though, was Italian. We ate at Cafe Europa and enjoyed sharing a prosciutto pizza and a bottle of wine.

At night on the weekends you can also try many different Colombian street foods when the vendors come out for the evening market in the main square, selling potatoes, papas rellenas, empanadas, and more.

Jardin Colombia Jardin Colombia

How much time do you need in Jardin Colombia

Jardin is a tiny town, and you don’t need much time at all to explore it. If you just want to hike and relax in a place far from the stresses of the modern world, you can spend as much time as you’d like here.

I arrived Friday evening and left Monday afternoon, and I think having two full days in the town is enough time to explore both the main square and restaurants and the surrounding countryside.

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When is the best time to go

Jardin is best visited outside of Colombia’s rainy season. Avoid the months of December and March/April for your best chance at dry and sunny weather.

Why should Jardin Colombia be on my bucket list?

The charm of the small colonial pueblo is stunning. Set in a lush green valley, the surrounding countryside is green and full of exotic birds and brightly colored plants.

If you’re feeling stressed or overworked, it’s the perfect place to return to your roots with family and friends and remember to enjoy your time day by day and forget about the worries of the future or the past.

Step back in time to see an authentic Colombia from centuries ago, untouched by the modern world.

Jardin Colombia




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