Inwa, Myanmar

Inwa is located 20 km south from Mandalay, the second-largest city of Myanmar. It is close to Sagaing and Amarapura, two others ancient cities which also worth a visit.

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Getting to Inwa in Myanmar

Inwa is located on a made-man island so you must take a boat for 10 minutes to reach the place. There are basically 2 options to visit Inwa:

• Rent a bike in Mandalay and go to Inwa by yourself (you can take the bike on the boat). Renting a bike for one day should cost around 6$ to 8$, depending of the model.
• Take a cab to reach the boat and take a horse cart when you reach Inwa (it costs 10$). With this option, the horse cart driver will also be like a guide and will show you the most famous places.


Where to stay in Inwa

There are no hotels in Inwa. The best thing is to stay in Mandalay, Ostello bello is for instance a great hostel for backpackers.


There is no entrance fee so the only cost will be the bike or the horse cart.

How much time do you need here

Half a day is perfect to enjoy getting lost in the ruins and temples. You can spend the rest of the day visiting Sagaing and Amarapura.



When is the best time to visit

November to Mars is the best season to visit Myanmar. Just be aware that mass tourism is developing fast so go there quickly!

What should I do there

Just get lost in the temples and speak with villagers, there are very friendly.

What not to do

In comparison with other South-East Asian countries, there are not many scams in Myanmar. Nothing you should worry about.


Why it should it on my bucket list

Inwa is a very quiet place, it is surrounded by nature (water and paddy fields everywhere!). There are no streets, no cars so you can enjoy the temples and the villages in a very relaxing atmosphere. Some of the Buddhas are well preserved and have miraculously survived wars and earthquakes. It is a great way to start your trip in Myanmar!

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