Indein Pagoda, Myanmar

Indein Pagoda is to the south west of Inle Lake, in Shan State of Myanmar.

Indein PagodaBy: movingwinnie

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How to get to Indein Pagoda

Indein Pagoda can be reached by boat through the Indein creek, a long narrow canal to Inle Lake during wet season, which will take roughly 45mins.

When I visited, it was dry season thus the water level was too low for boats. Therefore I biked for 2 hours from Nyeung Shwe to Khuang Daing Village (15km should only take 1hr, but I stopped to find the way as there are no road sign, and I stopped on the way for enjoying the view), then a motorbike up the mountain for 30mins (18km) to get there.

Indein Pagoda Indein Pagoda

Indein Pagoda Price

There’s no entrance fee for this Pagoda, only 300kyats for camera fee.

The motorbike driver is extremely friendly and nice, tried his best to explain to me about the background of Indein Pagoda. And he only charged me 15000kyats for return trip to the Pagoda + tour guiding + boat ride back to Nyaungshwe. Please tip him that, as an honest man like him is rarer to find. Hostel told me I could have had been charged 25000kyats only for the motorbike return trip.

The motorbike driver’s name is U Saw Win, his small shop is called “Western Valley”, which is right at the entrance to the Khaung Daing Village.

Where to stay

Nyaungshwe is the usual spot for backpackers to stay in Inle Lake. There are some resorts in the east bank of the lake, but it’s definitely more pricey and inconvenient.

Indein PagodaIndein Pagoda

How much time do you need at Indein Pagoda

It isn’t a big site, but be prepared to spare at least an hour at Indein Pagoda to sink into the atmosphere and appreciate the beauty of the crumbled old stupas. And of coz, plenty of photo ops available.

When is the best time to go

My recommendation would be to combine Indein Pagoda in the late afternoon with perfect angle of sunshine for pictures, and then boat ride on Inle Lake back to Nyaungshwe during sunset. I think sunset on the lake feels way better than sunrise, which was kinda overrated.

Indein PagodaIndein Pagoda

What to do there

Indein Pagoda has 1000+ stupas and pagoda, was built through 8th to 16th century. One part named Nyaung Ohak, where most of the pagodas have not been restored, some are well preserved, while others have plants and trees growing out of them. The other part above is mostly well restored, like featured in this pic, golden and shiny.

Browse through the old part of the pagoda first. Do not follow the staircase which leads all the way up. Instead, after paying for the camera fee, get out on the right side of the corridor and walk up. There you will start to see the old session.

Don’t miss the old part! I personally think it’s even more impressive than the well restored golden ones.

Why should Indein Pagoda be on my bucket list ?

There are thousands of pagodas in Myanmar, but this is genuinely impressive, given its density of stupas. Since it’s further away from tourist attractions along the Inle Lake area, it’s less touristy and crowded.when I went there at low season, I owned the whole pagoda. The feeling was amazing!

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