How to keep your budget while traveling

When traveling every dollar counts. New countries and new cultures makes it hard to keep your budget. Here are a few tips that will help you on the way.
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1. Write down everything you spend
This will help out a lot in the long run. Most backpackers start off by following their daily budget s mentioned above. Then suddenly the daily  expenses starts to increase. If you keep track of your spendings, you can go back and check how you spent your money from the start. 

2. Night Bus/Train
This one is really important. You save money on accommodation and get to your destination over night so you don´t need to travel by day. The first time you take a night bus/train it can be a bit weird. You don´t get your complete beauty sleep, but as you go on you will sleep like a baby and save a lot of time/money.

3. Decide your daily travel budget
Make a daily budget for the most necessary – food, water and accommodation. Every country/destinations got different costs for the most necessary, so make sure you make different budgets. At least for each country.

4. Activity budget
When you got your daily budget figured out make a weekly budget for your activities. Write down everything you´d like to do. Activities are the main expense for almost all backpackers.

5. Beach Day(s)
Get your tan, some Instagram shot, and save a lot of money.

6. Alcohol
Sorry for mention this, but Alcohol is a huge expense. (even if it´s much cheaper than in your home country)

budget travel

7. Travel Slowly
By traveling slow you´ll get a better view of the cost´s at your destination. As mentioned activities are the main expense, and by traveling slow you can take a few more `days off`. You will also get the important time you need to make good decisions about where and how to get to your next destination.

8. Use public transport
Need no further description. You don´t only travel by taxi back home right ? Over time this will save you a lot of money. And travel by public transport in a new country is a great experience anyway.

9. Eat the local food
This saves you a lot of money. If you have just started to travel it can be a bit scary, but you will get there. One tip is that you eat warm food, and not salads. Salads are often cleaned by the local water and can contain bacteria you don´t want.

10. Always try to find the cheapest accommodation
Take your time to find your accommodation. If you arrive at a new destination by bus/train there will likely be a lot of people offering you accommodation. This can be a little overwhelming, but just keep calm and taker your time.

You can also order before arrival and use websites as hostelworld, Air BNB and couch surfing.

11. Use the local markets
To get as close to the `local price`as possible, try to see what the locals are paying and demand the same price. 

12. Don’t buy things you don’t need
Hard to help out with this one, but all backpackers by a lot of things they don´t need. You don´t need that wooden penis do you ?

Good luck and don’t give up. 




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