Horseshoe Bend – Arizona, USA

Horseshoe Bend is located at a pull of of Hwy 89 North, about 2 miles south of the small town Page, AZ.

Horseshoe BendBy: BrannonMorrison

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How to get to Horseshoe Bend

To get to the Horseshoe Bend viewpoint, it requires a fairly easy half mile hike on a well maintained but sandy trail. When at the bend, there are several different vantage points all within a quarter mile of each other. This gives you plenty of room to spread out and get away from the crowd yet still have a great view.

To park, there is plenty of signage to guide you. The parking lot is fairly large, but at times it will fill up (especially in peak season). The overflow parking is along the highway, but there is plenty of space.

Horseshoe Bend

Where to stay

Page, AZ. You will be very close (no more than a five minute drive) and there are plenty of hotels to stay at. The Walmart in town even allows overnight parking, and you will see many RVs taking advantage of this.


Completely free! Just costs the gas money to get there. There are several tour buses and other options in town, but it is cheaper and easier to just drive there yourself.

How much time do you need at Horseshoe Bend

I recommend setting at least an hour or two aside. It’a an incredible sight, and you will want to soak it all in. This place will make you feel like the size of an ant, a feeling that humans don’t get too often.

Horseshoe Bend

When is the best time to go

Off season. Page, AZ is located besides Lake Powell, and in the summer hosts millions of people. Definitely in the months before or after summertime.

As for time of day, I went several times. In the morning before sunrise, there were probably a total of 20 people there. Lunch through sunset hosts around 200+. To beat the tourists, the earlier the better (and more peaceful).

What to do there

Hike around the rim. Stand on a cliff. Bring your camera and take loads of pictures! Warning: the pictures won’t do the view justice, no matter what your camera and lenses are.

Horseshoe Bend

Why should Horseshoe Bend be on my bucket list?

It’s a vertigo-inducing massive cliff overlooking the gorgeous Colorado river. The sun brings out the most beautiful colors from the red rock cliffs that surround it. Why should it NOT be on your bucket list is the better question.

It’s definitely not a place I would travel to frequently, but it is worth it to see at least once in your life.

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