Himba Village – The tame Giraffe, Namibia

The Himba village where the giraffe is living is located in Kamanjab, Namibia. This giraffe is tame and living with the traditional himba’s, that is the reason why I could get close to him. Lucky me! When you are visiting a national park with wild giraffes it is prohibited to get out of your car and interact with the wildlife.

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Getting to the Himba Village

You can drive to The himba village by car or join a group tour, which you can organize from one of the big cities in Namibia. If you are planning to go to Etosha national park it is really easy to make the detour of 50 kilometres to Kamanjab. (This distance is nothing in Namibia)

Himba Village

Himba Village

Where to stay in Himba Village

It is best to stay in Kamanjab itself at the Oppi – Koppi rest camp, there you can stay the night in a small bungalow or on a camping spot. There is also really good food at this rest camp!!!


In Namibia they have Namibian dollar, you can get cash at almost all the camping’s and lodges in Namibia

Himba Village Price

For African standards it is quit expensive, around $15 dollars per person, but for this price there is a tour guide included who leads you through the Himba village.

Himba Village

How much time do you need in The himba village

About half a day, this village is open for tourists so they can get an impression of how they live. You can talk with the locals, observe them doing their daily routine and buy hand made bracelets and other souvenirs at their market.

When is the best time to visit the Himba Village

The best time is from June to September. During this period it is winter in Namibia but the winter temperatures here can still reach up to 30 degrees. The other months it is way too hot to be outside all day long.

Himba Village
Himba Village

What to do

You should really interact with the kids there, the himba’s are very curious and want to know everything about you and play with your camera. Of course don’t forget to look for the giraffe, this will be the only giraffe where you can get really close to.

What not to do

You should not leave valuables in your car at this village because there are other people around this place who intend to steal valuables if they get the chance to. Also don’t buy souvenirs at the market too expensive, you should always negotiate to get the best deals. Even with the himba’s.

Himba Village

Why should Himba Village be on my bucket list?

It is incredible to see how this tribe is living in their small huts and alternative clothes. If you are lucky enough to get to see the giraffe it will be a once in a lifetime interaction, which no one wants to miss.

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