Hierve el Agua, Mexico

Hierve el Agua is in the state Oaxaca in Mexico. The Hierve el Agua is famous as one of the best views in Mexico.

By: sarah.benita

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Getting to Hierve el Agua

If you arrive in the state of Oaxaca you should spend your time in the center of Oaxaca (Oaxaca Centro). After the time you enjoyed already a day or two watching all the beautiful markets, church’s and parks, the best you can do is to make a tour to Hierve el Agua.

Hierve el Agua Hierve el Agua


It costs 200-250 Mex Pesos ($). But the entry of the different places you have to pay extra and also a buffet. The entries are about 30-60 Mex Pesos. All is worth it and it’s still not expensive. The tour includes a visit at the thickest tree on earth, El Tule. Then you visit a Mezcaleria, where the Mezcal, a really original and popular kind of alcohol gets produced. Then you’re going to Mitla, a really historical place of pyramids. At the halftime you’re going for a buffet for lunch. Then you’re visiting a village called Teotitlan Del Valle. At this place the people are creating carpets and clothes by their own , solo with a machine out of wood, all is hand made and really beautiful. The last stop at around afternoon is Hierve el Agua.

Where to stay Oaxaca

It’s really easy to find hostels or hotels in Oaxaca Centre. There’re many good and cheap offers. I would recommend the Andaina Hostel, which was cheap, big and save. And it was two blocks away from the Zocalo, the main place in the center.

Hierve el Agua

Hierve el Agua


What to do there

I think it’s okay if you stay there for one or two hours. Of course you can stay longer. If you’re going with a tour you have around 60-90 minutes. Hierve el Agua is a spot above the mountains. The view is insane and so peaceful and wide. There are some natural pools where you can swim. But the water is not warm, because it’s in the mountains. And you can see a salted waterfall on the other side which is high and big but you won’t never reach him. You should just sit and watch the world from above , enjoy this peace and loneliness.

When to visit Hierve el Agua

If you’re going with a tour you arrived at afternoon. I think this is one of the best times because of the sun. The light i beautiful. But of course, there’re people with you. I’m pretty sure that you can find people there to any hour, even if you’re going individual. I did the tour on a Monday. Always it’s better to choose a day in the week than then the weekend. You can be sure that they’re less people then.

Hierve el Agua

Why should Hierve el Agua be on my bucket list?

Hierve el Agua is a beautiful place above the mountains. It’s so high so you can see the mountains and some volcanos from above. Immediately you get a feeling of freedom, loneliness, wisdom, peace and pure living. But also, if you get aware, that this was built by nature on its own, it’s even more beautiful.

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