Hang Nak – Krabi, Thailand

Hang Nak is a mountain park is a national park in the Krabi province, Thailand.  The Hang Nak mountain park is near Ao Nang beach.

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How to get to Hang Nak Mountain Park

Taxi from Ao Nang or other locations around Krabi. It’s around 45 Minutes drive to the start of the trek from Ao Nang. The price is 400 bath, but also depends on your negotiation skills.

Where to stay:

Somewhere around Krabi. Day trip.

Hang Nak

Hang Nak


It costs absolutely nothing, maybe a bit of power. You can leave a donation when you come back if you liked the hike, but you dont have to.

How much time to climb Hang Nak

So we spent roughly 4 hours to hike up and down, but we took it easy and took a few breaks.

Hang Nak

The best time to climb Hank Nak

Best time to start the hike is probably in the morning. But we started at 2 in the afternoon and it was fine. We saw a bunch of other people but it is not very popular, less touristic.

How to reach the top of Hang Nak

There is a map in the beginning. Take a photo of this map and there are signposts along the way. It doesn’t matter which way you go. There are awesome breathtaking viewpoints along the way, but it gets better and better.

Hang Nak

Hang Nak


Bring a lot of water and wear sportsclothes than you are prepared.

Why should Hang Nak be on your bucket list

I saw a picture of this place before and if you need some change of all the islandtours and Beachpartys than is this the perfect hike for you. I had all the time a smile on my face and sweat on my skin, good balance. The place to the take the picture is scary high and I had some movements in my belly when I looked down. You have to be really careful when you take pictures. But it was a great trekk with stunning views and great nature.

You wont regret this trip!




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