Haiku Stairs – Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii

The Haiku Stairs, also known as the Stairway to Heaven is a hiking trail on the island of O´ahu, Hawaii. The 3922 stairs were originally installed during World War II so military could access a radio station antennae.

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How to get to the Haiku Stairs

After parts of the stairs have been destroyed, the City Prosecutors Office has said that criminal trespass in the second degree carries a $1000 fine. Even in simple trespass cases, the judge has the discretion to hand down fines of up to a thousand dollars.

You will find many ways how to sneak in through a bamboo forest early in the morning but there is a much better and legal way to go there: The Moanalua Trail.

To find the start of The Moanalua Trail, I would recommend you to download the free application AllTrails. The easiest way to get there is by car, but busses will bring you close to the starting point from everywhere on the island as well (You can use google maps to find the best connection).

Haiku Stairs Haiku Stairs Haiku Stairs

Haiku Stairs Price

All hikes are free of charge on Hawaii, so the total trip will only cost you $5 for the bus (roundtrip).

How much time to climb the Haiku Stairs

The Moanalua Trail to the top of the haiku stairs will take approx 4-5 hours . After you arrived at the top, you can hike back the same way (completely legal and it will take around 3hours) or go down the stairs (this will take less than one hour but you have to watch the guard).

You can probably ask some guys on the top who came from the other side if there is a guard on that day and if he does care or not.

Bring plenty of water as well and get some nuts/chocolate for more power ( Trail Mix from Walmart is highly recommended).

When to visit the Haiku Stairs

It’s a pretty long trail (16km) and the sun can be really strong, so make sure you start early in the morning (between 7 and 8 ).

Never go there when it´s raining because when it is muddy, this hike can be slippery and dangerous. Also, never go alone and only go there if you are an experienced hiker and not afraid of heights.

Haiku StairsHaiku StairsHaiku Stairs


Why should the Haiku Stairs be on my bucket list?

There is a reason why the Haiku Stairs are called “Stairway to Heaven”. It´s hard to imagine that this place is real. But when you made it up to the top you will enjoy one of the most breathtaking views on the entire planet…

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