Haew Suwat Waterfall – Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

Haew Suwat Waterfall, know from the movie ‘The Beach’ with Leonardo DiCaprio, is located in Khao Yai National Park, Pak Chong, 3 hours from Bangkok. Read more about Khao Yai National Park here

Haew Suwat Waterfall drops down 20 meters down to a circular pool. Leonardo DiCaprio jump into the pool in ‘The Beach’ but, unfortunately, it’s not allowed to jump down the waterfall.

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How to get to Haew Suwat Waterfall

First you need to get to Khao Yai National Park. Get there by car ( 3 hours) or by train from Bangkok. 

Once you reach Khao Yai National Park you got 3 options:

  1.  Drive to the parking lot close to Haew Suwat Waterfall. From there it’s only a 100 meters walk,
  2. Walk the 3-kilometre hike from another waterfall in the park, Pha Kluai Mai.
  3. Walk 8-kilometre from the visitor centre.

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Haew Suwat Waterfall
Photo by: @2roamtheworld

Haew Suwat Waterfall Price

The entrance fee to Khao Yai National Park is 400 baht – 200 baht for children. 

Car fee: 50 baht.

When to visit

Haew Suwat Waterfall is the most popular waterfall in Khao Yai National Park. Get there early to beat the crowds. 


Rainy season: From May to October. The best time to visit Haew Suwat Waterfall because of the water level.

Hot season: From March to April. Average temperatures 20-30 degrees.

‘Cold season’: November to February. Average temperature: 22 degrees.

How much time do you need there

There are a lot of waterfalls in Khao Yai National Park so use around 30 minutes at each waterfall. Get different views and enjoy the spectacular nature. Our recommendation is that you use 2 days to explore Khao Yai National Park. 

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Haew Suwat Waterfall Tips

  • It’s not allowed to jump down the waterfall
  • Get there early in the morning to beat the crowds
  • Bring mosquito repellent
  • Explore other attractions in Khao Yai National Park.
  • Bring good shoes

Haew Suwat Waterfall
Photo by: @kerry_streetwise




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