Grand Canyon, Chiang Mai – Thailand

The Grand Canyon Chiang Mai is situated in Nam Phrae, just a 40 minute drive away from the centre of Chiang Mai.

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How to get to Grand Canyon Chiang Mai

The easiest way to reach The Grand Canyon Chiang Mai is either by ‘Tuk Tuk’ or a taxi. If going by Tuk Tuk, the drivers will wait for you while you relax during the day to then take you home when you’re ready to leave.

grand canyon chiang mai

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai Price

The price of entry into the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai is only 50 baht, only £1.20- can’t really complain! When I went for the day, a tuk tuk charged 600 baht from Chiang Mai city centre for 3 people, only 200 baht each. For a whole day out, it cost me £5.70 which included transport there and back, and an entry fee.

Where to stay 

Most tourists tend to stay in Chiang Mai, as this is where the cheaper accommodation is found. There are many hostels within the Chiang Mai square and The Grand Canyon can be reached easily from these hostels. Whilst travelling, I stayed in ‘Dee Jai Backpackers’ hostel; a brilliant, value for money hostel ideal for travellers and tourists to meet others. I had an amazing time staying here, meeting so many new people.

grand canyon chiang mai


grand canyon chiang mai

How much time do you need there

The time spent at the Grand Canyon is completely down to the person. It is a beautiful place to relax all day as there is a restaurant, a shop and places to sunbathe if you wanted a chilling day. However, it’s possible to spend as little as 2 hours there if you are tight for time, allowing you to leisurely swim around in the warm waters of the canyon, or lie down sunbathing on bamboo planks that float around the waters. I would definitely go back again; the scenery looking right over the mountains, and amazing back drops of the canyon overlooking the high tops of trees, is enough to send anyone straight back.

When is the best time to visit

Many tourists tend to start travelling Thailand in November through to February as this is known as ‘peak season’ due to the warm climates rising and the rainy downpours reducing. Many tourists will make a day trip out of the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai arriving early morning (11am) and leaving in the afternoon (3pm). If wanting to avoid the peak times where it is busiest, the best time to go is from 3pm-6pm, when the park closes.

grand canyon chiang mai


grand canyon chiang mai

What to do there

There are many things you can do whilst at the Grand Canyon, including relaxing in the Canyon, appreciating the landscape, jumping off a 5ft cliff into the deep waters of the Canyon- a very popular attraction for tourists. The restaurant also provides delicious, good priced food that you can enjoy while sitting on a terrace looking over the whole of the Canyon.

What not to do

The main advice I can give to tourists is to not pay the first price a Tuk Tuk offers, as they will try and ask for a lot more than they are willing to accept. As I said before, the journey should roughly cost 200 baht each for a return, so never allow yourself to be scammed by paying more. There are no other tourist traps, you pay a deposit of 100 baht to use a locker however getting that money back once you’ve handed back the locker key.

grand canyon chiang mai

Why should the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai be on my bucket list

The Grand Canyon in Chiang Mai should definitely be on an individuals bucket list if they have an eye for the beautiful scenery and the warm waters of Thailand. With stunning views for miles on end, along with the Grand Canyon’s emerald waters, your expectations will not be let down.

My Story:

Whilst staying in Chiang Mai, I was recommended to visit the Grand Canyon as it is known for its views and attractions. I spontaneously decided to go one day and hopped on a tuk tuk and arrived at the Canyon 40 minutes later; being able to experience the Chiang Mai roads along the way and seeing how the other side of the world live. After paying for my entry ticket, I was handed a life jacket, as they focus on keeping all of their customers safe while swimming in the Grand Canyon. I spent only 3 hours at this tourist attraction and wished I could have stayed longer, the calming atmosphere is unforgettable and something worthwhile to witness. It’s an easy escape if you want some time to yourself, or a great day out with a group of people. I definitely recommend this place for a day out if you are in Chiang Mai as you’ll be missing out if you don’t.!





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