Georgetown Street Art, Malaysia

Georgetown is the capital city of the malaysian state Penang. It is located at the northeastern tip of Penang Island. Georgetown are famous for the Georgetown street art and are protected as a UNESCO Heritage site.

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Getting to Georgetown:

You can reach Georgetown by bus from other places in Malaysia, or by boat from Langkawi or other islands. The airport is located around 16km away from the city.

georgetown street art

Georgetown street art

Where to stay in Georgetown

There are good places to stay near the Love Lane. The Love Lane is a street with a few good bars. We can highly recommend the 33 steward houze. Its’s a cozy and very familar hostel with nice dorms (double or single beds).


You don’t have to pay an entrance fee in Georgetown. Enjoy the amazing street art for free and explore the city by bicycle.

How much time do you need in Georgetown:

2 full days are enough to explore Georgetown with all his street art. There are a few other things to do like museums but I think 2 days are enough.

georgetown street art georgetown street art

When is the best time to see the Georgetown street art:

Start your day early in the morning before the sun is highest. The temperature in Penang is the whole year around 30 degrees so it’s very hot for sightseeing.

What to do

The georgetown street art is the most famous thing there. But Georgetown is also famous for the amazing street food. Try as much as you can! There are some really nice coffee shops as well!

georgetown street art georgetown street art

Georgetown street art

What not to do

Don’t smoke in the old town. It’s strictly forbidden in public places and they will charge you around 2500 USD. /react-text

georgetown street art georgetown street art georgetown street art


Why should georgetown street art be on my bucket list? 

Georgetown should be on your bucket list because it’s a really beautiful city with an artistic flair. it’s an amazing mix between old and modern. little india and chinatwon are also two special parts of the city with an authentic flair.



* You need at least 2 days in Georgetown
* Start the day early to see all the street art
* Stay at the the 33 steward house.
* Don’t smoke in the Old City
* Check out the coffee shops

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