Flamingo Beach – Oranjestad, Aruba

Flamingo Beach is located on the private island of the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino hotel on Aruba in the Caribbean.

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How to get to Flamingo Beach

The Renaissance Hotel is located in downtown Oranjestad and provides free shuttle boat service for for guests of the hotel or beach. The boat ride is short (15 minutes) and departs approximately every 15 minutes. Each boat carries approximately 25 people on a first-come, first-served basis (it is not possible or necessary to reserve).

Where to Stay

Access to Flamingo Beach is limited to registered guests of the Renaissance Hotel. The hotel also sells day-passes for those not staying at the property. The day-passes are quite expensive subject to capacity constraints (which are undefined) and are only available for same-day purchase (no pre-booking).


Although Aruba has its own currency (the Florin), US Dollars are accepted everywhere and seem to be the currency of choice on the island.

Flamino Beach

What to do at Flamingo Beach

Flamingo Beach is a full-service beach (with chairs, towels, bar, restaurant, bathrooms etc). that most visitors spend the day at. The main attractions – The Flamingos – can be enjoyed for as little or as much time as desired. The Flamingos remain in the same corner of the beach all day and are very accessible. There are also other animals and birds on the island that can be interesting for tourists as well. There is also a second beach on the island, adjacent to Flamingo Beach.

As far as how much is needed to visit Flamingo Beach, it really depends on personal preference. Seeing, interacting and photographing the Flamingos can be accomplished very quickly, so it really depends on how long someone wants to spend at the beach for other purposes (ie, sun, swimming etc).

Flamingo Aruba

When is the best time to visit Flamingo Beach

Flamingo Beach can be visited year-round and the volume of guests will vary depending on the season and day just like the rest of Aruba. For those considering buying day passes, it is probably advisable to go during low or off-peak times.

Flamingo beach Tips

There is a small vending machine that sells food for the Flamingos. The machine takes US quarters and is easy to operate. With the purchased food it is much easier to attract the flamingos who seem to have a never-ending appetite. They can be fed from a cup or your hand. This experience creates an ideal opportunity for photographs.

While the Flamingos are very friendly they can occasionally get angry and lunge at you, especially if you accidentally feed them sand instead of food like I did at first!

Why should Flamingo Beach be on my bucket-list?

For the perfect Instagram picture!





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