The Wave – Arizona, USA

The Wave is located on the Arizona-Utah border in the United States and is situated on the slopes of the Coyotes Buttes.

By: k_phi

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 How to get your permit to The Wave:

The only way to get permits is through a random lottery. To preserve this natural beauty, only twenty hikers are allowed per day: 10 walk-in hikers and 10 daily hikers via online or mail application.

The Wave Price

$7/per person for the Coyote Buttes North permit. Not bad right? 🙂

The Wave
The Wave
When to visit The Wave
The Wave is accessible year-round; however, in the summertime, the heat may make it difficult to hike. The pictures in this article are from early May and the weather was cloudy and cool!

About the trip to The Wave

We had to drive on several small highways, which eventually turned into an unpaved dirt road for miles before reaching the Wire Pass Trailhead (specific directions with highway #s are found on the BLM website).

From the trailhead, the “trail” to the Wave is approximately 6 miles. I say “trail,” because it’s not really a trail at all! Instead, we were given a map with landmarks, which were used to keep us on track. Personally I loved the unmarked trail, because it became somewhat of a scavenger hunt… we were looking for rock formations such as the “vertical crack” or “multi-colored domes” to lead us to the location of the Wave! If the idea of an unmarked trail does not suit you, you can always hire a guide to help navigate.

The wave

I decided to try the walk-in lottery (which gives you a permit to hike the next day) at the visitor’s center in Kanab, Utah. When it was time to draw the lottery, over 100 people were waiting anxiously, and the room was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop! I honestly didn’t think that I would win the lottery and had already made alternative plans to hike in Zion or Bryce. To say the least, I was extraordinarily lucky to have gotten the walk-in permit on my first try!




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