Esperance, Western Australia

Often described as “out of the way, out of this world” Esperance is located on Western Australia’s pristine southern coast.

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How to get to Esperance

You can fly, ride or drive. The drive from Perth takes around 7 hours. You can also catch a regional flight through REX which takes approximately 90 mins.

Or you could catch a bus, The TransWA bus has almost daily trips to Esperance from Perth, Albany and Kalgoorlie.


Esperance    Esperance

What should I do in Esperance

One of the biggest draw cards of Esperance is it’s beaches. Scroll through social media and no doubt you’ll stumble upon a one of its heavenly beaches on your feed.

Not only are the beaches a sight to see, but the Kangaroos at Lucky Bay, situated in Cape Le Grand National Park, is another one of its many charms. The Roos are renowned for their friendliness and are itching to come up and say hello, the best thing is that after a hello and a pat they’ll happily spend the rest of the lying day next to you.

Don’t feed the kangaroos! You might be tempted to offer them some bread to entice them in for a photo, but this really disrupts their normal diet.


Flying is probably the least popular method amongst travellers as a way to reach Esperance, the prices are quite expensive and can range anywhere from $150-500 depending on the time of purchase!

So the best way to get to Esperance is to drive or hop on a bus. Once you’re in town its relatively cheap, the national park has an entry fee but most of the beaches and sight seeing is free.



When is the best time to visit Esperance

The best time to visit the area is from September to May, when the weather is fine and the sun shines for most of the day. The winter months can be quite wet and cold.


Esperance  Esperance


How much time do you need in Esperance

Imagine this – perfect weather and idyllic crystal waters on a never-ending coastline. If you’re a serious beach enthusiast, you might need more than a few days to take it all in on some of the whitest sand in Australia.

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Where to stay

Its up to you, are you a camper or a hotel goer? While we were there we lived in our van, so we mainly free camped around the town, but there’s many other forms of accommodation including youth hostels, motels, caravan parks, hotels, BnBs.

Why should Esperance be on my bucket list?

Friendly kangaroos, white sandy beaches, perfect coastal scenery, beach side camping. What more could you want!?



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